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Friday, 21 December 2012

New Toys To Masturbate and Have Sex With

Hooray!  Guess what my wife gave me for Christmas?  Two Tenga masturbation eggs and a Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Cock Cage.  She also got herself a little present...  Nipple clamps!  Unfortunately It arrived in the mail the day before leaving for our holidays, so therefore we will have to wait to return home before getting to try out our new toys.  I can't wait to give them a go!  I will update my blog once we get to try them out.  

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Masturbation With Fleshlight

This week I did allot of masturbating! Late at night, after work I would sit down with the laptop and slowly stroke my cock as I would watch, check porn pictures on Twitter or chat on and  I had some good orgasms but none as good as last night with my Fleshlight!  It just feels so incredible!  You can't even imagine how good until you actually try one for yourself.  It felt so good that I drew it out as long as I could before allowing myself to orgasm and ejaculate, filling my Fleshlight with spurt after spurt of my hot cum.  It actually does feel better than a real pussy!  It feels so good that my cock gets incredibly sensitive after jizzing and I have to wait a few seconds before withdrawing because it's just way too sensitive.  Even though I love masturbating, tomorrow the weekend starts and I can't wait to have some good hardcore sex!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snowballing: Cum Kissing In The Morning

This morning I woke up so incredibly horny!  It was probably due to the fact that I hadn't cummed in more than a couple of days plus the fact that my wife had been playing with my cock the past three days but never finishing the job.  This morning I was determined to cum or else I would spend the rest of the day with only one thing on my mind!  After we woke up we both brushed our teeth and then went back to bed where my wife started to suck on my incredibly hard and sensitive cock.  It felt so amazingly good!  I was so turned on that I could only think of how much I wanted to taste my own delicious cum.  I absolutely love the taste and I can never get enough of it.  Feeling that I was getting close to the edge, I told my wife that I was so hungry for my own cum and wanted her to snowball me.  I specifically told her to make sure not to lose a single drop because I wanted it all.  Just talking about it always brings me over the edge and before I knew it I was filling her mouth with my hot gooey load.  She immediately moved up and let the load leak out from her lips falling straight down into my mouth.  Some of it landed on my tongue and a little on my chin.  I then pulled her head down so that I could make out with her and enjoy sharing the cum back and forth while kissing passionately.  Unfortunately she does not like the taste of jizz so the kissing did not last very long but every time she would pull away I would pull her back in kissing some more.  I sort of liked it when she would pull away from our kissing because I could see strings of my cum stretching between our lips and chins.  At one point a strand of her hair got  glazed in the cum mess on my chin which made us both laugh like crazy.  I swallowed every single drop she gave me and savored the taste.  In my opinion, snowballing is one of the most passionate and erotic activities a couple can enjoy.  I hope she does it to me again soon!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Eating Some Gooey Cum Covered Pussy While Sex Chatting

Last night we had an early morning rise that morning so we were quite tired but not too tired for sex!  After our showers we hit the bed with my laptop and started watching some but we quickly switched over to where I introduced my wife to the whole concept of chatting while having sex.  Needless to say we had lots of fun!  I had to explain to her the whole concept of tipping to see what you want and how moderation works.  We chose a couple that where having fun on camera and we watched them as we played with each other and we also laughed at some of the comments people where making.  We also typed and chatted but we had more fun just watching and getting turned on as we masturbated each other.  Luckily others were tipping so we got to see her give him a good sensual blowjob then he ate her out followed by some 69 and then some fucking.  It was hot and I was hard just from watching but when my wife started sucking my cock as I fingered her while the couple on camera engaged in oral sex, my cock grew insanely rock hard and incredibly sensitive.  The closer I got to cumming the harder I fingered her because doing so slowed down her sucking.  When I could just take no more before jizzing everywhere, I told her to stop and then she jumped on top of me and we started fucking.  After just a few thrusts I was already on the edge so I told her that if she let me eat her creampie that I would fuck her a second time after.  She answered go ahead, therefore I got on top and pumped in and out of her pussy until my orgasmic contractions started.  As soon as I knew that I was past the point of no return I quickly pulled out and cummed all over the top of her pussy lips without touching my cock.  Those hot cunt lips where glazed in my thick white cum which I quickly started to suck on and lick tasting and swallowing all of my gooey cum load as she moaned and quivered from the oral stimulation.  I cleaned them with my mouth until there wasn't a single little drop of my yummy cum left on her lips.  I was so excited from eating my creampie that I never lost my hard erection, in fact it was even harder than before so I started fucking her a second time for her enjoyment.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fucking Her By Surprise While She Slept Then eating her Creampie

Last night we watched a murder mystery documentary on the laptop in bed.  After she wanted sex but I told her tomorrow so therefore she went to sleep while I continued to watch porn in bed and slowly masturbated while watching others on  I got so hard and horny that tomorrow's sex quickly turned into right now sex because technically we where actually tomorrow since I told her tomorrow at 11:30pm and it was now past 1 am.  I put the laptop away and moved under the blankets between her legs to lap at her extremely wet pussy.  It tasted so good and she quickly started moaning and writhing while still sleeping.  After many minutes of eating her out I started fucking her with my o so hard cock as she opened her eyes and awoke from her fantasy.  I asked her if it feels good and she answered yes amidst gasps of pleasure.  I was getting close to cumming so I pulled out and moved back down to do some more pussy eating.  Some of the porn I was watching prior to playing with her involved guys eating their own cum so I was incredibly hungry to eat my own.  I ate her out imagining that it was covered with my cum and I was getting even more cum hungry.   (I'm getting hard just writing about this) I licked her pussy until I was insatiably hungry to eat my own cum so I then moved up and started fucking her again and as I was getting close I asked her if I could cum all over her pussy and lick it clean.  She answered do whatever you want.  That got me so hard and it brought me extremely close to the edge, I then knew I was going to cum within the next seconds.  As my cock started pulsing I pulled out and laid my knob on her pussy lips which I glazed with thick white gooey gobs of my hot cum.  Once my ejaculation contractions stopped I moved down once again and started eating her pussy.  I could taste my deliciously thick cum which made me eat her even more passionately while she moaned in absolute pleasure.  I could feel my cum coat my mouth and slowly slide down my throat.  It felt so amazing and was so hot.  I licked and sucked on her pussy until there wasn't a single drop of my cum left, and then I started fucking her again!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Home Made Bondage Kit (Our first try with bondage)

After hearing my wife and the rest of the world talk about the book Fifty Shades of Grey I had an idea!  I never had any interest in bondage before but after hearing so much about it I decided I would surprise my wife and try it on her.  Since I didn't know if we would like it, I did not want to invest too much money into it.  I decided to make my own bondage kit.  At a local department store I purchased two black leather cat collars complete with metal studs for her wrists and two matching dog collars for her ankles.  At the hardware store I bought eight feet of thick and strong white plastic chain, some thick rope and four strong spring loaded metal clips.  I divided and cut the plastic chain in four segments of two feet.  I then cut about three feet of rope for each bed post attaching one end to its respective corner post and the other end to the two feet of plastic chain.  With my drill I added some extra holes to the leather collars so that they could attach tightly around my wife's wrists and ankles.  Where the leash usually attaches to the collars I attached some spring loaded metal clips in order to fasten the collars to the chains.  The Idea behind the metal clips is that with these quick release clips I can quickly adjust how far up or down the chain the collars are attached in order to adjust for different positions or situations that I put her in.  Even though all the supplies only cost me about twenty five dollars in total, it actually looks somewhat like a professional kit that you would purchase in a sex store.  I was very excited to try it on her, she had no idea since I had put this kit together in secret and I hid it under the blankets while she took her shower.  After a bit of foreplay, I blindfolded her, then I tied her wrists followed by her ankles as I saw a huge smile on her face.  Taking advantage of the situation, I also took out our shock therapy kit and attached it to her nipples and near her pussy which she greatly enjoyed as I fingered her to the point of squirting multiple times with huge volumes of fluid!  This was lots of fun and I think she will ask me to try it again.  Spice it up and try it!    

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Masturbating While Chatting Online

Let me tell you about a website I've been enjoying quite a bit lately.  I discovered the fun of over the summer and I've been visiting it frequently since.  There slogan is "The act of masturbating while chatting online."  Its lots of fun!  First of all, you get to watch others masturbate or have sex on web cam and if you feel like it you can chat with them all totally free.  If someone really turns you on, you do have the option of tipping them.  Second of all, if you are an exhibitionist, you can broadcast yourself on webcam and have the possibility of earning tips!  There are different categories: couples, female, male and transsexual.  Registering is free and discrete.  With all this said, I do wish to add a word of caution.  Always use the internet responsibly, meaning:  never engage in sexual conversations with anyone who is under the legal age.  People can easily lie about their ages on the internet so if you have the slightest suspicion that they are not of legal age, do not engage in anything with them.  Also, if you choose to broadcast yourself, remember that you never know the intention of your viewers.  People can easily record what they see on their monitors, so if what you show could cause you irreparable damage if it ever gets displayed somewhere else or if someone recognizes you, then you should really think it over before putting it out there.   Like I said earlier, if used responsibly it is allot of fun and is a great way to expand your sexual life and maybe even make some friends.  For example, when I get home from night shift and my wife is sleeping which means I'm not getting any sex or companionship from her, then I go and get off on and she is ok with that.  Try it and have fun, but be responsible!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Quickies Without Cumming (Stop and Go Sex)

While vacationing I found a new sex activity that we both really enjoyed!  I'm not one that is into quickies because I love to first take our showers so that we can then have some good foreplay involving lots of oral sex.  A normal sex session for us lasts at least 45 minutes.  That being said sometimes my wife would like a quickie during the day but I always refuse because I don't want to waste my extreme ''hornyness'' saved up for our long nightly sex session on some quickie.  For once, during our vacation, I decided to accept a quickie during the day but I promised myself that I would stop just before cumming so that my sex drive would not go down for our long passionate sex session that was to take place later that night.  WOW!  It was fun and felt really good to have sex with the women that I love to the point of cumming but to stop just before, and then go on with our daily activities while still feeling my cock pulsate and tingle from our no cumming stop and go sex.  We enjoyed it so much that we started doing it every day of our vacation!  That way she got her quickies, I got lots and lots of sex plus I stayed unbelievably horny for our long nightly sex sessions!  

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sex In The Tub (blowjobs, eating pussy, squirting and watersports)

Sex in a jacuzzi is extremely hot and fun especially if you don't put allot of water in it.  All that you need is a few inches of warm water and then lay back with your girlfriend plus some wine and enjoy!  Why just a few inches of water you might ask?  It's simple; it allows you to have oral sex and to feel her squirt all over your body while enjoying the heat and wetness of the water.  She can even keep on her lingerie to make it a little more exciting and slowly get it wet.  I like to make my wife sit on the edge and make her squirt into the tub.  Since she's not scared of making a mess in the jacuzzi, she ends up squirting allot more cum and farther.  While she sits on the edge she not only likes to squirt but she also likes to pour some wine on her pussy for me to lick all up.  The mix of wine and pussy tasted so incredibly good! 
Using only a few inches of water is not only good for the environment but it also allows for some good golden shower experiences in the jacuzzi.  As I lay there in the tub with my raging hard-on, she stands over me with a leg on each side and pisses all over my awaiting cock while I stroke it wildly.  Since a golden shower always makes me thirsty, I can bend up to lap some of it as it sprays out of her pussy.  And after all the fun is finished, clean up in the tub is so easy, just splash a little of the water on you where you are dirty, then drain the tub!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Masturbation Breaks While Exercising

Here's one to try if you have the luxury of working out in the privacy of your own house.  I like to do some cardio where I get my heart pumping fast making me all sweaty, then I do my sit ups to get that six pack I so desire but in between sit up reps, while lying down on the floor, I masturbate and it feels so good.  I guess it's the combination of sweat and the fact that my abdominals are aching and exhausted that makes it feel so incredibly good but it's an excellent way to enjoy yourself plus it's a good motivator to work out!  Try it and let me know of your experience!  

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cum Kiss, Snowball

The other night she finally agreed to snowball my cum with me after giving me a blowjob.  While she was sucking I was so horny just from thinking of my hot jizz that was going to shoot from my tight nuts into her mouth and then I was going to get to taste and swallow my delicious creamy load!  Just the thought of it was bringing me to the edge of shooting and I couldn't wait to taste it!  With her lips wrapped around my swollen member, I could feel my cock and balls start to pulsate quickly shooting my cum into her mouth.   She then looked at me and moved up giving me a passionate cum kiss.  It tasted so good and was so amazing to feel my cum pass between our tongues as we were making out passionately!  I then finished by swallowing every single drop.  Unfortunately that night I didn't produce a very big load but maybe next time I will be luckier and get a whole mouth full!  I totally can't wait until the next time.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Golden Drink, Squirt And Good Sex

Last night my wife and I watched some good online porn of a very wet kind.  I then joined her in the shower where she gave me a good long shower drink.  It tasted so good and I love the fact that she was looking down at me enjoying my drink!  We then went back to the bedroom and continued our sex session.  I had some precum leaking out of the tip of my cock so I wiped it on her nipple and then I sucked on it.  Nipple and precum is such a delicious mix.  As I was sucking passionately I was also fingering her G-spot and it wasn't long before she started squirting.  She then moved towards my cock and gave me the most amazing blowjob as I was fingering her and making her squirt like crazy!  Good thing we have a squirt blanket (waterproof blanket) to protect our bed mattress.  I was so horny and getting so close to cumming, so I told her to stop and suck my balls instead of my cock.  It felt incredibly amazing.  She then layed down beside me and I made her orgasm and squirt some more.  She looked so hot in her lingerie that I just wanted to watch her squirt all over my face, so as per my request she sat down on my chest giving me an extreme close up of her pussy and started masturbating by rubbing her clit wildly!  The expressions of extreme pleasure on her face that I was seeing from down below and her screaming while I could see her hand rubbing her clit like a mad women where almost enough to make me cum with nothing touching my cock!  I was waiting with my mouth wide open just an inch from her squirt hole and it wasn't long before she started shooting her delicious juices into my mouth and all over my face and pillow!  It tasted so amazing!  After squirting on my face many times she layed down on the bed.  I looked at her and she looked so amazingly sexy that I couldn't help but to just shove my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and fuck her so hard.  When I jizzed the orgasm was so incredibly intense that it almost knocked me out for the night!  I so truly love my wife!!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Drinking Her Golden Nectar

Last night she gave me the most incredible sex experience in the shower!  She let me drink from her as it splashed all over my face and body! I had been asking her to let me do so in the shower for a very long time.  On two occasions she invited me into the shower and let me kneel down between her legs with my mouth waiting as she tried to let go but nothing came out.  This time she really had to go, as soon as I got down and opened my mouth on her pussy she let go flooding my mouth with a torrent to the point of overflowing.  I could feel the warm liquid run down my lips, chin and neck splashing down on my cock bellow.  I was so thirsty for her golden nectar that it wasn't long before I started gulping it down.  It tasted so good and warm that I am getting hard right now just writing about it!  I drank so much of it, and when my mouth was filling faster than I could swallow, I would rub her pussy with my fingers directly in the stream making it splash all over my face and body!  I just can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sex In The Woods

One of my biggest fantasies has always been to have sex outdoors.  There's something wildly erotic about having sex in nature that really turns me on!  I don't know if it's all about the excitement that comes with the danger of getting caught or the fact of doing it out in the middle of nature which turns me on so much but I always fantasize about it!  When I was younger and lacking of any privacy, I would walk with my girlfriend in the woods and we would lay down on this huge rock where I would eat her out then she would give me a good blowjob (that's where I got my first BJ) followed by a passionate french kiss where we would snowball my cum back and forth.  Although I had done oral sex out in the woods, I had never experienced actual penetration which I really wanted to!  That all changed two weeks ago!  My wife and I went for a walk outside at night with the intention of doing it in the woods.  She was wearing a skirt with no underwear and she was extremely wet.  We first went into a trail not far from our neighbourhood but with houses not far we chickened out after a bit of rubbing each other's genitals.  Unfortunately we ended up returning home to have sex in our bedroom, but the next night we were determined to get the job done.  Once again we went into the woods in a more secluded area under the cover of night and started kissing then petting our privates followed by me shoving my hard cock into her wet pussy!  At first it was difficult finding a comfortable fucking position, we first tried  fucking both standing up straight but she is just too short for it to be practical, then we tried me standing with her in my arms and legs wrapped around my waist but that was too much of a work out for my legs! Finally I told her to just bend over and to hold on against a tree as we did it doggy style standing up.  It felt incredible and wasn't long before I busted my nuts inside her pantieless pussy!  Sex in the woods, that's one more check mark on my bucket list!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Eating My Own Cum While Masturbating

Last night was my b-day and my wife told me she would be waiting in bed with my b-day present when I would return from work!  Unfortunately I finished late and by the time I got home she was well asleep.  I had spent all day plus the day before thinking about the sex that I was going to get and I did allot of edging to get myself incredibly horny.  Since she was sleeping and I was more than horny, I spent the rest of the night masturbating while surfing the internet.  I looked at porn while slowly stroking my amazingly hard cock.  I just wanted to cum so bad but I would always stop just before to keep the fun going and to build up the biggest load of cum ever.  My cock was burning and pulsating in my hand just waiting to release that thick creamy load.  I also took out my electro shock therapy kit and placed the pads on my cock, balls and nipples. It felt incredible but it didn't make me cum!  After a good hour of shock play I removed the kit and started stroking again while watching porn on and and looking at hot pictures on Twitter.  Since I had been looking at porn involving lots of cum, I just had the hugest craving for a good load of jizz in my mouth.  I was licking up all of my pre-cum while masturbating and savouring the taste just thinking of that hot gooey load that I was about to swallow.  The pressure building up in my balls was incredible!   That was it, I could not take it anymore!  I layed on the ground and threw my legs up and over my head with the tip of my cock pointing directly from up above at my open mouth shooting the biggest load covering my tongue and lips with hot goo as I continued stroking my cock! It was such a big load that it seemed to never end, the more I stroked it the more the long streams of cum continued to shoot out, filling my mouth to the point of overflowing.  When I finally stopped cumming, I got up and played with the cum in my mouth, rolling it around my tongue, feeling its thickness and clumpinness. I also enjoyed blowing cum bubbles.  I then finished by swallowing it and milked a few more drops of cum from my cock which I gladly licked off using my finger.  Delicious!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Messy And Wet Blowjob ( spit on my cock and balls )

I always tell my wife to cover my cock and balls with her saliva when blowing me but she always says that she is trying to but her mouth is to dry!  It really frustrates me because it felt so good the few time's she did in the past!  Finally last night I can guarantee you her mouth was far from dry.  She would spit on my cock then move her lips down it while stroking it and then she would spit on it some more and continued sucking while spreading and rubbing her spit all over my cock and balls.  As she was blowing me she would let the saliva leak out of the sides of her mouth running down my cock and collecting at the base of my nuts, she would then cup my balls and spread all that saliva making them extremely wet and slippery.  All this sucking, spitting and rubbing made for one incredibly wet, slippery and gooey mess that felt so amazing resulting in one out of this world orgasm!  

Friday, 13 July 2012

Eating Delicious Creampie!

Two nights ago I was so horny!  The reason is that I hadn't cummed in a couple of nights!  Since it was late and we had to work early the next morning we did not have one of our usual one hour long sex sessions.  This time it was what I would call a quicky, although for many it would probably be a usual sex session!  She sucked on my cock and boy did it ever feel good!  As she was tasting my cock I gently fingered her wet pussy!  After a while we started fucking with her on top but then I quickly changed positions having her lay on her back with her pussy next to the edge of the bed as I stood on the side and I then penetrated her deeply with her legs over my shoulders.  I love watching my hard cock go in and out of her dripping wet pussy!  Being so horny I had one thing in mind and that was eating a good, fresh creampie.  I fucked her hard until I felt I could no longer hold back my ejaculation and at that very moment I pulled out and let my cock explode all over her pussy covering it with a thick gooey topping of white cum.  It looked so delicious!  I admired my thick load on her pussy and then I moved down to lick it all up!  It was so amazingly delicious!  I cannot even begin to explain just how much I love the taste and texture of my hot cum mixed in with her pussy juices.  Feeling the lumpy, gooey, thick and salty cum on my tongue sliding down my throat as I sucked it off of her labia makes me so incredibly horny that I kept my erection and slid it back in her pussy to pound her a second time but unfortunately she said it was getting late and she had enough of sex for that night!  Just thinking of my delicious load gets me so hard and I can't wait to taste it again!

Monday, 2 July 2012

You Sometimes Have To Be Careful While Having Sex

Last night I was so incredibly horny!  We started off by watching a little bit of porn then we did a we little bit of watersports in the shower.  I basically knelt under my wifes pussy while she gave me a little bit of her piss as I sucked on her cunt.  I love the taste!  We then took it to the bedroom where my wife wore her hot fuck me socks.  Since she had a knot in her back, I gave her a good massage with vanilla scented oil.   In return she gave me some hot sucking, often spitting on my cock and balls then spreading it around with her hand creating an unbelievable feeling!  As always I enjoyed fingering her hitting the magic orgasm spots which are the clit, the AFE zone and the G-spot.  However this time I added a new spot I thought of, the urethral opening.   With a little bit of playing around I was actually able to stick the tip of my pinky finger in there!  She said it felt really good however the next day it didn't feel so good and there was a little bit of bleeding!  I am sure the urologist would greatly disapprove of this act.  It probably isn't a good idea to try it! It can lead to injury and infection.  Try rubbing around it but don't stick your finger in!  We fucked for a while then we tried some anal penetration.   I had allot of trouble getting it in plus it wasn't feeling good for her, she told me it hurt a bit so I pulled out right away and since we were in the doggy position I finished myself off by hand and cummed all over her but cheeks.   The huge, thick, white load covering her left but cheek looked so good that I decided to lick it all up.  Mmmmmmmm.... Delicious!   

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Strongest Orgasm Masturbating

(Flash video of the circles technique)

I absolutely love masturbating, but sometimes the usual pump the fist up and down gets old and boring!  The small circles technique feels quite different than pumping away and takes longer to get you to ejaculate but the resulting orgasm is so much longer and incredibly intense.  I figured this technique out while trying to masturbate without my roommate hearing me jerking off under the blankets.  Since only the fingers are moving instead of the entire fist, barely any sound is produced and no moving blankets to be seen by a roommate.  That being said, this technique feels so incredibly good that I often use it even when there is no one else in the room.  It does take some practice to get the motion and coordination of the thumb, index and middle finger right.  Once you get use to it you can add a little bit of up and down motion of your hand as you rub your circles.  If you master this technique you will probably experience the longest and most powerful orgasms ever!  Since it takes longer to get to ejaculation than with other techniques, you will feel your cock get harder and harder as your testicles get tighter and tighter until you feel the cum rising up the length of your shaft all the way up to the tip and at that very moment you will feel the orgasmic contractions start and propel the cum out of the tip of your penis landing on your chest and belly.  Believe me it's worth trying it at least once, but I am sure you will try it again and again! (Sorry, I don't know if it works on circumcised penises)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Best Way To Start Foreplay And Sex!

I swear to god that the best way to start a good session of sex is to have her read a dirty book!  Sceptic?  Just try it, and there's a very good chance that she will be wetter and hornier than you will ever have experienced.  For us, it all started when I was away for a month and prior to leaving I left her a copy of a novel written by Colette Gale which is an erotic version of The Phantom of the Opera entitled ''Unmasked''.  She would read it at night then she would call me on video Skype and show me just how wet and horny she was (wet is actually an understatement when she reads erotic novels).  Once I returned home, before getting dirty, she would read a few more pages of ''Unmasked'' and then we would have mind blowing sex!  Following on that lead I also bought her the new erotic best seller ''Fifty Shades Of Grey''.  Though not as dirty as ''Unmasked'', it still does the job and gets her dripping wet and horny!  I can't guarantee that erotic novels will work for every woman out there but I do know that chances are on your side, it should work.  Let me know of your experiences and of any novels you might recommend to get her wet.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Amazing Sex

Last night's sex was absolutely amazing.  I had just returned home following a week's absence since I was literally at the other end of the world.  While I was away, she had started reading "Fifty Shades of Gray" and needless to say, she was extremely horny at my return.  I got off the plane late in the afternoon, so my wife and I secretly teased each other sexually the rest of the day until the kids went to bed.   We then took our showers and hit the bed.  My wife was wearing a short school girl skirt and I was wearing nothing.  She read a little bit more of her naughty book in bed as I tweeted dirty tweets.  We then turned off the lights and to my pleasant surprise; my wife suggested that we watch some youporn in bed.  She chose some blowjob videos and while we watched she started sucking me good... amazingly good!  She would suck, then every once and a while she would do something with her mouth to my cock that was extremely painful but in a way felt good and really turned me on.  She also licked and sucked on my nuts while we watched some good porn and at the same time I fingered her wet pussy.  I then told her that I was really thirsty so she sat on my chest presenting her hot cunt to me and she rubbed her clit until she shot a hot load of piss, hitting me in the eye but I quickly placed my mouth over her piss hole and slurped it all up.  Yummy!...  It was delicious but I wanted more!  I wanted to be drenched.  She then laid down with her pussy pointed at me and I fingered her G-spot until she shot more piss and girl cum all over me.  I would often position my cock directly in her piss stream and enjoyed the wetness.  Once she was done and I was soaked, I started fucking her missionary style.  I cummed fairly quickly due to the extreme wetness and also since I hadn't had any action all week.   I had pulled out of her pussy just prior to cumming covering her cunt in hot thick gooey jizz.  I then moved down and licked and sucked it all off of her pussy.  It was delicious, I can never get enough!  After I eat my own cum I always stay horny, so I then moved in for a second fuck and for the first time ever, I managed to have a second orgasm while having sex on the same erection, flooding her pussy with more cum.  That was one of the best sex sessions I have ever experienced in my life!   Nights like that make me love my wife that much more.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Electro Stimulator... I Cummed So Hard!

WOW!  The best orgasm I have ever had with a sex toy.  Electro shock therapy is amazing!  Read about and view the video of my experience with this toy by following this link.  Go to page!!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tasting The Golden Shower

Last night I not only got to taste some wine and rum, but I also had a good drink of her golden pee.  It was so incredibly hot!  I am getting hard writing this post just from thinking about it.  We started the evening off with a little wine and cheese.  I decided to go take my shower first, but when I got out she was so horny that instead of her going into the shower she pushed me on the bed and started rubbing her soak'n wet pussy all over me.  I told her to go take her shower first, then we could have fun but she insisted in fucking me right away saying we can do it now then after her shower we could watch some internet porn in bed and do it again.   Not being able to resist to her slobbering pussy slimming my belly and cock as she rubbed it back and forth moving to various parts of my body to coat them with her pussy juice I gave in and let her stick my throbbing cock in her.  After I jizzed she took her shower and then joined me in bed for some good porn.  She continued on the wine past the point of feeling numb while I mixed myself a few rum and cokes.  She sucked my cock while we watched the porn as I was fingering her.  I then told her that I wanted to drink her piss so she sat on top of me bringing her pussy to my face and as I pushed on her G-spot she let go and filled my mouth and face with her hot golden pee.  I drank as much as I could then told her to move her pussy further down my body, because I love having my body drenched with her juices, and she emptied herself giving me the best golden shower yet.  I really enjoyed rubbing my hands all over my piss soaked body.  We then fucked a second time but I was so amazed by the golden shower which I had just received that I don't remember the details of our second fucking!

Monday, 30 April 2012

Hooray!  It's finally here!  May is National Masturbation Month, and I love masturbating!!!  I also love using sex toys while masturbating and during sex.  To help others celebrate National Masturbation Month with a new toy, I managed to obtain a discount code from the top adult store  Just write down the code (GSL10MAY), then click on the link or on the banner above to go directly to the store and enter the code at check out to get 10% off your entire purchase at Good Vibrations.  It is only valid from May 1st to May 31st, 2012.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Turning Down A Wet Dream

I absolutely love wet dreams, however they only happen for me like once every maybe five years.  Last night I was well on the road to one.  I was dreaming that I was at my wife's parent's house and there was a really hot chick there that was all into me.  Later on in the day I was sitting on the couch with my wife and we had a blanket over top of us watching television.  The hot chick came and sat beside me and reached under the blanket into my pants.  She started jerking me off while no one else in the room noticed what was going on, not even my wife.  It felt so incredibly good that it would not be very long before I would reach a very wet orgasm.  But the funny (or should I say not so funny...  Even really sad) part is that I told the incredibly hot chick to stop because I did not want to cheat on my wife.  WHAT THE F#c@!!!  It's a dream.  What kind of loser says no to an incredibly hot girl because he does not want to cheat on his wife in his dreams?  That's where I am supposed to do the naughty things I can't or wouldn't do in real life.  There goes my wet dream, now I probably have to wait like another five years.  When we said our wedding vows I remember promising to stay faithful until death, but I don't remember saying  anything about in my dreams.  The next day I told my wife about my not wet dream and she laughed her ass off at me.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Multiple Orgasm Attempt Plus Squirting And Creampie Eating

Last night I started the evening off by making my wife and I some cocktails as we watched a good Canadian movie.  We then took our showers and jumped into our bed which is equipped with a waterproof blanket protecting the mattress.  I brought the laptop into bed with me and we watched some YouPorn together.  After a while she started sucking me and it felt incredibly good.  As she was sucking I began fingering her to make her feel good and also to take my mind away from the incredible blowjob I was receiving in order not to cum to quickly.  Doing something else when I get close helps me to avoid ruining the fun by cumming to quickly because it makes me concentrate on what I am doing instead of what I am feeling.  She sucked until I could not hold it back anymore so I then told her to stop and she turned and lay down on her back.  I then went into make her squirt mode and stimulated her G-spot until jets of female cum where squirting out of her pussy.  She was not just gushing but instead she was shooting long continuous streams like a super soaker water gun.  Kneeling between her legs I could feel these spurts of girl cum hit my body and some streams even flying over my shoulder, over the bed and wetting the floor.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  I would often move my cock to a position where it would get hit full force by one of her squirts of female ejaculation and I would jerk it off as it was getting soaked.   Only once the fountain of youth was completely drained of its last drop, she moved into position lying down with her pussy on the edge of the bed as I lustfully took her cunt standing on the side of the bed.  I pumped and pounded that pussy as she was moaning until I was on the edge of no return.  I quickly pulled out and rubbed my cock between her pussy lips like a hot dog in a bun as spurts of cum glazed her pussy.  I waited for my orgasmic contractions to subside and looked down at her hot cunt.  I could see a huge gob of white cum sitting on her pussy lips so I moved down and sucked it all up.  It tasted so good!  Still sporting a hard-on I shoved it back in and fucked her for some more but never made it to a second orgasm.  Getting close though!!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Squirting, Good Sucking, Watersports And Some Creampie Eating!

Last night I got the whole package.  Squirting, good sucking, watersports and some creampie eating.  I knew she was horny when she changed the television channel at midnight to the porn channel and sat there watching it even while I was not watching it with her.  When she was almost done her shower, she yelled out "are you going to join me?"  Within a matter of seconds I was in the shower making out with her then I dropped to my knees and started sucking on her pussy.  I was ultimately hoping for a golden shower.  I just love tasting her piss!  To her credit she tried, but once again nothing came out, we then reversed our positions and now I was the one receiving good head.  We then slipped into our bed on top of our squirt blanket as I got her extremely wet with my fingers.  She was on the verge of squirting, however, I was not ready to let her squirt, I wanted my golden shower.  I wanted her to fill my mouth with her golden nectar.  I was lying on my back and very thirsty so I told her to bring me her pussy and ride my mouth.  Lying there with her pussy over me, I sucked and licked her wet cunt at the same time as I fingered her G-spot.  It wasn't long until she started shooting streams of pee into my mouth.  It tasted so good and felt amazing to get my mouth filled with her piss and feel some of it run down my cheeks, chin and neck.  I had to swallow many times to avoid drowning!  She then layed on her back and now, I was ready to let her squirt.  I fingered her G-spot until she was shooting like a geyser and made a huge wet spot on our water proof blanket.  Once she was drained of all fluids she then told me that she deserved to get fucked with me on top.  The missionary is far from my favorite position, but since she gave me what I wanted, I gave her what she wanted, and that was plain old missionary sex.  However, when it comes to sex, nothing is plain with me!  After shooting a big thick load of cum in her cunt, I went down and licked my hot and gooey mess.  There's nothing more delicious than a fresh salty creampie!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Snowballing : That Much Closer to a Passionate Cum Kiss!

Tonight I am one step closer to getting my wife into snowballing.  For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it is when you cum in a girls mouth and she gives it back to you with a kiss.  Tasting my own cum is one of my top fetishes, I love doing it after masturbating and even more so after cumming in my wife's pussy.  There's nothing like eating a good sloppy creampie or licking it off of her tits. (By the way, it has nothing to do with being gay.  Many guys secretly enjoy doing so but are too ashamed to admit it.  Thankfully, due to modern porn and blogs such as this one it is becoming a little less taboo.) I have been trying to get my wife into snowballing for the longest time but, unfortunately, she always refuses.  The closest I have ever gotten her to doing it was many years ago, to my request, she had spit some of it in my mouth, and this she had only done once or twice then never did it again.  What I truly fantasize about is a nice long passionate French kiss (not just spitting it in), feeling the cum slide between our tongues as we lovingly make out.  Well...  Tonight (since for me, it's every guys dreaded time of the month) I managed to get a blowjob and cum in her mouth.  Just before cumming I asked her for a snowball but as always, after I jizzed in her mouth, she spat it out on my belly. However, this time she followed it with a French kiss where I could see, then taste a little drop of cum that was hanging off of her lips and also the remnants that were still in her mouth even after spitting!  Although it wasn't the big messy and gooey passionate snowball I had hoped for, it was still enjoyable and it suggests that I am that much closer to getting her into snowballing! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

And so it begins!!! Golden Showers and Watersports

Last night she gave me the most amazing experience I have ever had during sex!  I really fantasize about watersports (a.k.a golden showers, pissing) BIG TIME!!!  I just want her to piss all over me and drench me.  The closest I have ever been is her squirting all over me in huge amounts where some of it wasn't only female ejaculate but also contained pee.  My biggest fantasy is to have her do it while I am sucking her pussy.  I have often asked her to just piss on me but she has always refused telling me it doesn't turn her on!  Well...  Last night that all changed.  I had asked her if she would accept to give me what I have been wanting for so long in the shower that way she would not feel all disgusting about it since she could just rinse of immediately.  To my surprise she finally accepted and I quickly joined her in the shower.  I knelt down between her legs and started licking her pussy waiting for the juices to flow all over me.  I was looking up at her face and was getting really hard from watching her with her eyes closed trying to relax enough to let it all go and flood my mouth with her hot piss.  Unfortunately she didn't have to go.  Latter on in bed, during our sex session, she sat on top of my chest with her pussy only a few inches from my face.  As I licked and sucked her clit I begged her to just let go and fulfill my fantasy.  She said absolutely nothing but I could see in her face that something was going on...  Holly shit, I thought to myself!  Is she actually trying to let it go, to push it out? Is this going to be my lucky night? And that is when a few seconds later I heard and felt a spurt of piss hit my face.  It felt so amazing!!! I immediately covered her piss hole with my mouth and swallowed a huge spurt of her hot pee, it tasted so good!  When I moved my face back she shot another soaking spurt of piss on my face, I love hearing it come out!  I have never in my entire life felt my penis get so incredibly hard!  It was definitely the best feeling I have ever had during sex.  It was even better than the best orgasm I have ever experienced.  I can't wait until next time.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

New Sex Toys

I have been away from home and my family for almost a month now.  My wife just told me on skype, that she just ordered these three sex toys from to celebrate my return home next Friday.  A Fleshlight, a shock therapy kit and a vibrating clit sucker.  I can't wait to get home and try them out with her!  

If you are also interested in trying out these toys to spice up your sex life, you can click on their images to go directly to their respective pages at LoveDreamer.  I will be posting an honest review on my blog once I have tested them a few times!!! 

A Private Show On Skype

The other night was amazing!  As I was surfing the internet in my hotel room, being away from home for more than three weeks, I was incredibly horny.   Especially since earlier, my wife let me watch her take her bath during a video call on skype.  I was sort of frustrated that she did not even touch herself for my enjoyment during her bath, however just watching her relax naked in the water had me harder than a rock.  Once she was done her bath she bid me good night and told me she was going to bed.  I then continued surfing the net for a few hours.  It was getting pretty late, so around eleven thirty PM I was just about to shut down my computer and go take my shower before getting some sleep when a pop up appeared at the bottom of my screan.  It was a message from my wife.  I clicked to open it and read "Do you want to watch."  Holy jees!!!  Instant hard on for me!!!  I quickly video called my wife on skype and when she answered I could see a major close up of her dripping wet pussy with a vibrator inside it as she laid naked on the bed with the laptop computer between her legs.  She rubbed her pussy with her pink g-spot vibrator for a little while and then played in her drowning wet cunt with her fingers.  It was so incredibly wet and gooey that she would scoop up her cum with her fingers then raised them to the camera separating them to show me her pussy cum stretching between.  There was so much cum that the excess would run between her fingers and hang off of them in thick slimy strands of clear girl goo dangling in front of the webcam. I just wanted to lick it all up!  She then switched to her bigger vibrating dildo which resembles a real cock and pumped her pussy furiously with it.  I could hear the massive amounts of cum sloshing in her cunt as it was being pounded by the dildo.  The cum was being forced  out by the pumping action and running down her pussy lips leaving her lying in a puddle of her own cum.  She then removed the dildo and started rubbing her clit from side to side incredibly fast ending up with her squirting everywhere just like in the porn movies which I love watching, only this was even hotter because it was live and it was my wife.  I could see her squirting stream flying everywhere as her hand moved through it rubbing her clit violently.  It looked like a sprinkler watering the bed.  She then moved her face up to the camera, blew me a kiss and said "I hope you enjoyed" and then she disconnected our video call.  Unfortunately, I could not jerk off as I was watching the live show because I had a roommate in my hotel room.  Needless to say, that night, I jerked off the hugest load in the shower.  I even enjoyed licking some of it off of my fingers!  I just can't wait to get home and lick her pussy clean!!!   

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Squirting : The Female Ejaculation

AAAhhh!!!  The legendary and mysterious female ejaculation, better known as squirting.  I have many fetishes but one my favourite ones is squirting and watersports.  There is no better feeling and nothing more sexually exciting than having a girl standing or kneeling over you, wetting your penis, balls, chest and face with her squirting pussy.  The feel of the liquid soaking your cock and balls and the excess juice running down your inner thighs and down the sides of your belly, and if you are lucky enough to get her to do it on your face, it’s an amazing feeling when it runs down your cheeks and neck wetting the blanket underneath you.  There is a large debate whether it is ejaculate or just plain urine, whichever it is, I could not care less because I love them both.  However I am quite certain that there is such a thing as female ejaculate because sometimes when she squirts it is a totally clear liquid that is so sweet it is better than candy and tastes nor smells anything like urine.  Other times when she squirts I am quite sure that there is at least some urine in there but I love it just as much!  I am a strong believer that all girls can squirt, they just have to open their minds to the idea and lose the fear of urinating during stimulation. 
First step if you want to turn her into a squirter you must
open up the subject with her before even trying.  You must let her know that it is absolutely normal and ok for girls to do this.  You must also let her know not to resist letting go when you are stimulating her and she gets that intense feeling of needing to urinate, she must learn to just let go and accept that she will make a mess of fluids on the bed and hopefully on you.  Also very important, make sure to reassure her that even if she does urinate in the process that it is ok and that it actually would turn you on big time.  From my experience, I found that even after talking to her about all of this she didn’t open up to the idea until we watched some porn with allot of huge squirt scenes in it.  She was amazed by what she saw and I made sure to tell her how much it turned me on to see a girl squirt.
Second step, you must learn the technique.  It’s all about the G-spot!  Whether you believe it exists or you believe the weird scientists who came up with a recent study denying it’s existence stating that it is only the continuation of nerves from the clit and other places, the important thing, and this I can guarantee that there is something there.  It is located on the anterior wall inside the vagina about two to three inches from the opening.  It is a soft yet rough patch of tissue that feels a little like the roof of your mouth, only softer.  First get her sexually excited with a massage, candles, a movie or music, some wine (getting her tipsy definitely helps).  Then start stimulating her starting with her breasts then her inner thighs followed by her clit.  Once you notice that she is quite excited, usually noticeable by her pussy being extremely wet, start alternating your stimulation by applying some pressure to her G-spot with the tip of your two middle fingers in a motion as if you were signalling someone to come over and after a few seconds returning to stimulating her clitoris.  Keep alternating between her clit and her G-spot until you feel that rough patch inside her begin to swell up and get juicier.   At that point you can concentrate mainly on her G-spot pressing firmly on it with the tip of your fingers and releasing at at very quick frequency.  As her G-spot will continue to swell up so will the inside’s of her pussy.  It will feel as if the entire inside of her vagina is ballooning around your hand.  That is when you know that she is about to squirt.  Don’t forget to constantly tell her while you are stimulating her that even if she feels an incredible urge to pee to simply give into it and to just relax and let it go, it will be the most amazing orgasm!
One important tip that can really help to get her over the fear of wetting the bed is to put thick towels or blankets that you can just through into the wash after she soaks them.  My wife and I enjoy squirting good sex so much that we bought a moisture proof blanket designed especially for this activity.  That way she can concentrate on squirting and not worry about wetting our bed.  If this blanket interests you just follow the linked image bellow to one of my favourite suppliers.
P.S. Don’t forget to lick her pussy clean after she squirts and savour all the juices.  Have fun improving your SEX LIFE!!!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Almost there! (male multiple orgasms with ought even trying to)

Tonight I probably could have achieved the male multiple orgasms with ought even trying to.  We started our sex session with me giving her a massage then she gave me a blowjob followed by me fingering her and we then went straight to female on top penetration.  My plan for the night was to cum on her tits and lick it all off but the penetration felt so good that I could not stop her in order to cum on her big tits.  Instead I ended up cumming in her pussy.  She had just finished her time of the month so I was not inclined to eating the creampie but she did not know that I had cummed and she kept on going up and down on my cock which still felt extremely good even if I had already cummed.  Is this because all my training to achieve multiple orgasms and my training to stay horny enough after cummming to eat my cum off of her is paying off by eliminating the refractory period where stimulation hurts and where there is a total loss of sexual interest.  I am almost sure that if she would have kept up the penetration, I would of ended up cumming a second time.  Unfortunately, she stopped and then I lost interest in continuing the stimulation.  Even if I didn’t succeed it is promising progress, especially since I was trying to cum twice!!! 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Massage, Blowjob, Squirting, Eating own creampie!

It went off as planed!  The massage, the blowjob, the squirting all over my cock feeling the female cum running down my testicles and my sides...  The only thing that didn’t go as I had described in the post of “what are your plans for tonight” were the positions.  We did not do magic mountain nor doggy style.  After the squirting she went on top and slid my girl cum covered cock in her pussy and rode me until I cummed in her wet pussy.  I then told her I wanted to clean it all up, so she moved her cunt up to my face and let me suck up all of my cum out of her wet hot pussy.  Her pussy lips were all covered in are gooey cum mixture.  I use to lose interest in eating her creampie after cumming, but now I don’t think it is a problem anymore.  Mmmmm, it was so good and creamy that I can still taste it!!!  Eating that delicious creampie got me hard again but she was not up for more, so we ended it there, I can’t wait until next time.  By the way, I must learn how to increase my cum load because there just wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger!

What are your sex plans for tonight?

Tonight I plan on doing allot of foreplay starting with a massage for my wife followed by a sloppy blowjob for me, then making her squirt like a fountain, with my magical fingers, drenching me.  Then once my cock is dripping wet from her ejaculate I will penetrate her, probably magic mountain style, for a bit then I might move on to the doggy style but with her legs between mine for the extra tightness. After that, I plan on doing her on the side of the bed.  I haven’t yet decided if I want to cum in her pussy, on her stomach or on her tits.  But one thing is for sure, I plan on licking it all up!  What are your plans for tonight’s sex or masturbation session?  Please share with everyone by adding a comment so that others might find good sex ideas and interesting ways to change their regular routine.  Don’t be shy participate, it might help others to spice it up, just keep it legal! Thanks.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Magic Mountain (sex position)

I saw this position in an online magazine and decided to try it.  At first we found it kind of awkward but once we got the hang of it we really liked it.  This position puts an extremely pleasant pressure on the top of the penis wich i loved.  It also gives a great view, of the penis gliding in and out of the vagina, for both partners to enjoy! It’s like watching high definition porn while doing it. The thrusting is carried out by the female because the male is kind of trapped under supporting her with his legs, this can get hard on the males legs.  The magic mountain position definitely requires some practice to master, however, we enjoyed so much we really don’t practicing. Warning: This position brings me close to orgasm extremely quickly!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Becoming multi orgasmic attempt # 3 plus eating own cum

While we were trying a new position called “Magic Mountain” my wife decided to lay completely down instead of resting on her forearms and start masturbating by rubbing her clit with my penis still in her.  What a view this offered me.  In this position, it was like watching live porn.  Her finger not being enough she lubed up her pussy and took out her vibrating dolphin to bring her ecstasy to new heights.  I had a front row seat of her pulsating cunt with my penis inside feeling every contraction.  Once the intense pleasure was too much for her to handle she put away the dolphin and I took over.  I had her get on all fours in the doggy style position, however, instead of having my legs in between hers I told her to keep her knees together and this time she was the one to have her legs between mine.  Wow! What a difference.  With her legs together it squeezed her pussy lips together and made her incredibly tight.  It felt like the first times we had sex back in high school.  I actually had trouble getting it in because it was so tight.  We then moved on to the side of the bed and with my wife laying on her back and her legs spread apart in the air on the edge of the mattress I was standing on the floor and penetrated her from this position.  I was getting close to cumming so I decided to try my third attempt at becoming multi orgasmic with ought losing my erection.  I pumped my cock in and out of her vagina until I got to the point of no return, I then pulled out very quickly and ejaculated all over her pussy and belly while relaxing all of my muscles.  As soon as I stoped cumming, I shoved my cock wich was still hard back in and was able to continue having sex.  Unfortunately after approximately 30 seconds of penetrating her for the second time on the same erection, my wife’s pussy was getting sore so she asked me to stop, therefore, I did not get to find out if I would of ejaculated twice in a row.  Since I was still horny, I licked up some of the cum I shot on her belly.  I am really starting to like cleaning up my mess!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If you have an idea as to what sexual experience I should try next with my wife then please reply to this post.  All ideas are welcomed as long as they involve only legal activities.  Thank’s!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Eating my own creampie

This time I didn’t chicken out!  I have always fantasized of licking my wife’s pussy clean after having cummed in it.  I often enjoy tasting my own cum after masturbating but I always lose interest in doing it after ejaculating during sex.  I have done it once or twice after sex when I had drank a little too much and really enjoyed tasting the mixture of my cum mixed in with her pussy juices, the taste and thought of what I was doing at the moment just made me hard again.  I have also tasted it a few times on her nipples after a titty fuck and loved the taste and gelatine like consistency of it.  (Just a little side note for the macho guy’s out there, tasting your own cum has nothing to do with being gay, research it on the net and you will see that there is a huge community of men who enjoy and get turned on by this activity.)  Tonight I managed to keep interest in eating her out after cumming in her cunt and it was so good!  I started off by making her squirt like crazy, with my fingers, drenching our body's in slick female pussy juice. She then began ridding me on top until I cummed in her. After ejaculating, I told her I wanted to eat her out, so she came on top of my face, sitting on her legs, as I sucked on her pussy swallowing the gob of cum that was hanging off of her wet and messy cunt lips.  Just another way to spice it up!!!  I can’t wait to try it again! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The elusive male multiple orgasms (test trial #2)

Last night was my second attempt at attaining the mythical male multiple orgasms.  We started off with a little bit of foreplay, mainly her sucking my cock, and then we went straight to the point with penetration.  Usually we do allot more foreplay then we did but it being the week we decided to cut the fun short.  Adopting the missionary position with her legs slightly bent I thrust my cock in and out until the point of no return.  As soon as I knew that I had attained this decisive point where ejaculation becomes undeniable I pulled out very quickly and allowed myself to orgasm and ejaculate all over her pussy and belly while keeping all of my muscles relaxed with nothing touching my cock.  Once the orgasm and ejaculation where over I reinserted my penis, which was still erect, into her wet, cum covered, pussy.  Using this technique I was still able to penetrate her for a short period of time with ought the usual painful sensitivity of the penis that most males experience after ejaculation.  I was only able to keep it up for a brief duration before I lost my erection however she greatly enjoyed that short second fuck even though I was not able to ejaculate a second time.  Test trial #2 was not a success however it was not a total failure; I was able to keep on going with ought the pain, and also, I have always fantasized of eating her creampie but, unfortunately, I always end up losing interest after ejaculating.  This time I did keep interest in licking up her tasty creampie even though I did not follow on my desire to ... but I will try it next time... I promise...  I just can’t wait until test trial #3!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The elusive male multiple orgasms (test trial #1)

Have you ever mentally wanted to keep having sex all night long, however, your penis and balls end up betraying you by spewing their hot load and then it’s all over.   It happens to me all the time and that’s why I’ve been chasing the elusive male multiple orgasms for quite some time.   I’ve done allot of researching on the internet and in books to find the secret.   One of the techniques I came about involves stimulating the penis until you get to the point of no return.  You know...  it’s the point where even if you stop all stimulation you can’t stop the orgasm from coming.   Once you get to this point, with this technique, you stop all stimulation and make sure nothing is touching the penis.   During this period, you must clamp down and squeeze your PC muscles (the ones that you use to stop the flow of urine) and hold the squeeze until all orgasmic contractions stop.  Then after a few seconds you can resume stimulation.  I’ve tried this technique while masturbating and had some success and failures.  It is extremely difficult to hold the squeeze while you are having an orgasm.  Then I came about a blog that was suggesting doing the complete opposite of this technique.  That is to stimulate until the point of no return and once there, stop all stimulation and relax all your muscles, especially the PC muscles. Then, once the orgasm passes, you can continue stimulation.  I’ve tried this one also a few times while masturbating and had many successes.  I end up cumming and having a good orgasm however I stay hard and horny afterwards.  Tonight, I decided to try it for the first time while having intercourse.  During foreplay, before I even got to the intercourse where I was planning to try my technique, my wife blowed me to the point of no return by accident.  I quickly told her to stop and I relaxed all my muscles.  I ended up having the orgasmic contractions and some cum came out, yet I stayed rock hard and horny as a devil.  Then, during intercourse, I tried my technique once again.  Unfortunately, this time, I went soft and lost all sexual interest.  I think that i pulled out of her pussy too late.  Verdict...   The relaxing your muscles technique works for sure during masturbation and blowjobs, however, I have yet to be successful during intercourse.  Stay tuned to my blog for future attempts.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

World Sex News

This is my favourite website for accurate and up to date information in the world of sex.  The news ranges from sex research, sex toys, sexual experiences, news in the world of porn, sex tips and just about any other kind of news related to sex from around the world that one could ever imagine.  And best of all you can never get tired of this site because it’s updated on a daily basis.  Just click on the banner to visit World Sex News.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Must have for squirters!

There’s nothing I love more than to make my wife squirt, the more she squirts the harder I get!  If you’re into squirting, watersports or very oily massages than you absolutely need the Liberator Fascinator Throe.  It’s described as a moisture-proof sex blanket that protects your bed, sofa or chair from the mess you are about to make with your love juices or oil.  My wife and I have rigorously put this blanket to the test making her squirt copious amounts and I think it should actually be described as waterproof, it’s that good!  It sure beats the towels we use to place under her which always ended up with us having to wash our blankets.  With the Fascinator Throe we can have all the fun we want without having to wash our entire bed, just the sex blanket (it washes easily in the washer and dryer).  Best of all, since she doesn’t have to worry about making a mess, I have noticed that she squirts in much larger volumes with this Throe.  So far, this is definitely our favourite sex toy!  (For more info on the Fascinator Throe click on the image.) 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

An evening of HOT SEX almost GUARANTEED!

This one is almost guaranteed to provide an evening of mind blowing sex.  Get the movie “Pirates”, not the one from Walt Disney but the one from Digital Playground and put it on your laptop computer.  Next, get a bottle of wine with two wine cups and bring it up to bed with your laptop and your significant other.  Pirates is an excellent porn movie that even your wife will love.  It has an actual story, its hard core porn yet she will find it romantic and it has a big budget behind the movie.  The special effects are well done and the acting is somewhat descent for a porn movie.  I tried it with my wife who never wanted to watch porn and she actually loved it, she then recommended it to her friends and they also had a magical experience in bed.  However, for some odd reason, none of us ever make it to the end of the movieJ  You can get the movie from most adult stores including the one I shop online at “Love Dreamer” which is linked on the right side of my blog or go directly by clicking on the image.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

What a night!

Once the kids where in bed last night we started the evening off with a chocolate fondue and sparkling wine thinking it would set the mood for some passionate sex.  Unfortunately the chocolate burnt before we could even eat it.  Then we went up to the bedroom for some action.  As we were finishing the bubbly and watching a bit of online porn to raise the horny level through the roof, are youngest son ran in the bedroom.  Luckily he went back to sleep in his room within minutes.  We then got the fun started as my wife was wearing some very sexy lingerie that got me rock hard.  I could tell that she was also quite horny because she was plenty wet.  She then did something that made me insanely want her, she stuck a finger in her dripping wet cunt then shoved it in my mouth, although I really wish she would of licked it herself that would have been even hotter.  I then started to finger her, as she was on all fours over me, until she squirted a few times on my cock, there’s nothing I love more then to be soaked with her juices.  We use a waterproof blanket under us when I make her squirt.  Considering the fact that the blanket was already wet from all her squirting and the fact that I had to pee, I decided to let a little bit out on the blanket.  Wow it felt so good to release during foreplay that I ended up letting it all go making a huge mess on the bed since the blanket was not placed properly.  She then shoved my cock that was all slicked up with her female ejaculate into her hot pussy and rode it until I filled her with my cum. I then had allot of laundry to do as she laughed at me. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Here’s one that I think many guys can identify with.  Ever watch porn and think those dirty blowjobs look like they would feel so good however your partner only gives you the old up and down head-bob that your priest would approve of?  It almost looks like she’s at a Halloween party bobbing for apples with her hands behind her back to prevent them from getting wet.   By pure luck a while back my wife and I came upon a sex educative TV show.  In that episode a female sex educator was showing women how to give good head and boy did it ever look good.  Thankfully my wife learnt a little, such as a technique called “extending the mouth with your hand” where she wraps her hand around your cock near her mouth while she is sucking you and importantly to not to only move her hand up and down but to also twist it a little back and forth as it is going up and down the shaft at the same time as she is “head-bobing”.  I can confirm that it feels really, REALLY GOOD!  Another thing you see with blowjobs in porn is allot of saliva.  It turns me on to see all that saliva running down the shaft and balls coating his cock in a thick gooey mess.  Last night I once again communicated this fantasy to my wife and she finally tried it.  WOW!  IT WAS AMAZING!!! What a feeling...  although she can still work on adding allot more saliva, I want there to be so much of it that I can feel it running down my balls.