Saturday, 18 February 2012

Almost there! (male multiple orgasms with ought even trying to)

Tonight I probably could have achieved the male multiple orgasms with ought even trying to.  We started our sex session with me giving her a massage then she gave me a blowjob followed by me fingering her and we then went straight to female on top penetration.  My plan for the night was to cum on her tits and lick it all off but the penetration felt so good that I could not stop her in order to cum on her big tits.  Instead I ended up cumming in her pussy.  She had just finished her time of the month so I was not inclined to eating the creampie but she did not know that I had cummed and she kept on going up and down on my cock which still felt extremely good even if I had already cummed.  Is this because all my training to achieve multiple orgasms and my training to stay horny enough after cummming to eat my cum off of her is paying off by eliminating the refractory period where stimulation hurts and where there is a total loss of sexual interest.  I am almost sure that if she would have kept up the penetration, I would of ended up cumming a second time.  Unfortunately, she stopped and then I lost interest in continuing the stimulation.  Even if I didn’t succeed it is promising progress, especially since I was trying to cum twice!!! 

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