Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bondage for Sex

After reading Chanta Rose's "Bondage for Sex" (volume 1), (once again provided by Good I was motivated to try out for myself, a little bit of bondage on my wife.  The book's introductory chapters were quite interesting, they touched a bit on the writers own experiences, bondage styles, rope types available for bondage, learning the knots and a few words of caution.  Those chapters were only 19 pages of the 138 page book, the rest is almost all detailed bondage positions to try out.

The bondage suggested in this book is somewhat light and geared towards the beginners or the intermediate.  Seventeen positions in all, each one is broken down into detail from the very first knot to the very last one with sexy, beautiful colored pictures guiding the reader along each knot.

So far my wife and I have tried the "Simple Leg Tie for Sex" position and it was alot of fun!  I have never seen my wife squirt so much in any other sexual activity we have tried.  That position just made her squirt like a geyser straight up into the air!  I really can't wait to try the "Open Leg Pile Driver" on her, that position just looks so hot and sexy!

The Maven Silicone Dildo

After receiving the Maven Silicone Dildo from Pleasure Works Wholesale which the good people at sent me, we quickly put it to good use!

A soft silicone shaft, featuring a base built to be used with strap on harnesses, this dildo offers many possibilities.  It's large girth provides that sensational feeling of fullness and it's veiny ridges make it great just as a dildo for masturbation, but it's also very sexy looking and fun to use as a strap on cock with a partner.  I built a leg harness to strap this big bad boy to my thigh so that my wife could ride it up and down as she sucked on my cock.  It was incredibly sexy and fun to watch her ride the hard cock strapped to my leg as she sucked me off!

The all silicone construction makes it really easy to clean with water and soap, and for extra cleanliness you can even boil it for five minutes.

This is a great toy for couples and I can't wait to use it again!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Jewel Raider

Last night my wife and I continued on our quest to find another good, couples friendly, porn that is as fun and exciting as Pirates XXX.  The movie we watched was "Jewel Raider" released in 2001.  This movie was directed by Jay Jeff and stars Venus (Angelica Costello as "Laura Croft."
Even though I find Venus quite hot, this movie didn't really do it for neither of us.  The sex scenes were long and not very sensual, there wasn't much of a storyline, it was cheaply produced and wasn't very interesting.  In one of the scenes, the male actor wouldn't stop breathing loudly which didn't sound very good in the microphone.  In another scene, one of the lamps wouldn't stop making some sort of an annoying noise distracting from the action.

Although it was nowhere near being in the same class as Pirates XXX and didn't sexually titillate us as we hoped it would, we did manage to have some good sex while watching it!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fetish Roll Playing ( My wife being a shemale)

Even though I consider myself straight, I must say I have a huge fantasy of sucking a big hard cock and feeling it explode inside of my mouth.  I am not turned on by men at all, but cocks totally turn me on! (A note to those who might think it is weird: I can guarantee you that it is quite common for men to have such a fetish.  If you don't believe me just check out how many shemale sights there are on the net.)  Although I have never said it to my wife I think she kind of knows.  The other night while we were having sex, she sat on top of my cock while I was lying down making it look like she was a hot shemale with a delicious looking hard cock sticking out.  I told her it looked so good and that it was totally turning me on, so she then ordered me to stroke her big hard cock as she got into her roll of a hot tranny.  As I excitedly jerked her off, she moaned and instructed me to stroke it harder and faster because she wanted to cum all over me.  Hearing her say that made me harder than you could ever imagine.  I so wanted to bend forward and suck her cock!  It was as if the hottest shemale was sitting on top of me and I was stroking her off watching her tits bounce with every hard stroke.  It really wasn't long before she (or should I say I) started shooting streams of thick gooey cum all over my belly.  WOW, that was so much fun and exciting!  I hope she does it again some time!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tasting Her Own Cum

I get so turned on when I see girls taste their own cum in porn.  I have always fantasized of having my wife taste her own cum in front of me.  Having her taste her own pussy just sounds so erotic!  There's just something about it that makes me so hard.  She has always refused to suck my cock after it's been in her cunt or lick my fingers after I fingered her.  Kissing after going down on her has always been out of the question, however, lately I finally broke through the almost impossible barrier.  I not only got her to French kiss me, as we snowballed my cum back and forth after cumming on her pussy and then me licking it all up but she has also sucked her pussy juice off of my fingers.  I even managed to convince her to suck on my cock after it had been in her soaking wet pussy.  All that progress in the space of just one week.  She told me to let her slowly get used to doing it and not push her too much for now.  I can't wait to see what the future brings once she really gets used to her own taste!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Snowballing, Cum Swapping After A Hot Blowjob!

Those who follow me must know by now that I absolutely love to taste my own cum.  It totally turns me on!  Last night while my wife was sucking me, it felt so good that I really got into it.  I was getting that incredible thirst for cum that I so often suffer from when I am really horny.  She was using lots of saliva as she was sucking, which made it feel out of this world.  Every now and then she would pull her mouth off of my cock only to spit a big white gob of saliva on it.  Even though I knew it was just spit, I was imagining that it was a big thick load of jizz.  WOW, I was getting so cum hungry.  In order to satisfy my thirst, I suggested to my wife that she sucks me all the way then she could move up and snowball me while shoving my still hard cock in her pussy so that we could fuck while swapping my cum around.  Since she didn't give me any answer I figured it was a "no" but as she kept on sucking I was getting incredibly close to cumming, therefore, I told her to stop but she kept on going.  I felt my nuts squeeze out a load into her mouth and when my cock stopped pulsating, she moved up and kissed me with my hot load of cum as I shoved my prick into her pussy to fuck as we shared the jizz.  I can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Selfsucking and Eating My Own cum!

My wife is out of town for the week so last night I spent the evening watching porn.  I was so horny and felt like sucking my own cock so badly, but unfortunately in the past few months I have not been able to reach.  When I do reach it, I can only get the tip inside my lips but it feels so incredibly hot to feel my hard warm cock against my lips and tongue! I was so close last night but didn't want to push it too much and injure myself so I stopped it there and satisfied myself by throwing my legs over my head and shooting a big warm gooey load of cum inside of my mouth.  It tasted so good, I can never get enough of my own cum! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Suck me Good then fill my mouth with Piss!

Last night I had great sex!   I had been working nights all week and finally I had a night at home with my wife.  I was already totally horny since my wife had given me a few preview sucks during the day.  For those who don't know what a preview suck is:  It's when she sucks your cock for a little while to show you what you will be getting later on, but she doesn't make you cum so that you can keep all your horniness for later.  Once the kids hit the bed we watched a bit of television then we took our showers in preparation for some late night fun.  My wife took out her squirt blanket while I was washing up and when I joined her in bed she started sucking me, making my cock rock hard.  It felt amazing as she cupped my balls tightly against by body with her free hand while she fellated me.  But what felt even better was when she lubed up my cock with her saliva and did her trademark hand stroke she invented on my cock.  I'm totally honest when I say it actually feels better than a blowjob.  The mix of her signature stroking alternating with some sucking was such a good feeling.  As she was doing so, I was fingering her pussy.  I played with her clit for some time, but I then shoved my fingers in as deep as they would go and massaged her fornix with my fingers.  That made her really wet and she soon started squirting.  I then asked her if we could do the 69 and she quickly climbed over me, placing her wet cunt directly over my face.  I started sucking on her clit and fingering her G-spot.  I was really thirsty and was soon rewarded with her delicious pussy nectar.  With my mouth opened directly on her urethra, I felt a strong stream of piss fill my mouth to the point of overflowing.  I swallowed all that I could but the excess leaked out, down my chin and cheeks pooling under my head.  She tasted so good!  Since I can never get enough of it, I continued vigorously stimulating her G-spot, shooting streams and streams of squirt and piss in my mouth and all over my face.  Once she was absolutely drained and empty, she turned around, mounted my cock and fucked me until I cummed inside her hot pussy.  I can't wait to see what tonight will bring!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

New drink and Magic Mike!

Tonight I came up with a new drink.  I was watching "Magic Mike" with my wife and decided that I could use a good buzz!  I started on wine.   We drank a bottle of Zuccardi red wine and it was pretty good but we where getting towards the bottom of the bottle and my wife wanted the remainder of it so I left it for her.  But I still needed a drink so I took out a bottle of dry gin and mixed it with some Aranciata San Pellegrino in a martini glass.  Then I thought some Grenadine would add a bit of colour and it did!  I must say it looked sexy and tasted great.  Then the second glass I thought that a little taste of vanilla to the mix might do it some good, so therefore I added some Galliano.  And it did it!  It tasted like heaven!  Excellent sweet taste and hits you pretty good.  The only problem is that I haven't come up with a name for it yet.  Any ideas!  Maybe Magic Mike since that's what I was watching or maybe something else.  Any ideas out there?  By the way, I'm not afraid to admit, I really liked Magic Mike!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Butterfly Bliss Silicone Vibrator

This post was actually written by my wife!

I was impressed with the look of this vibrator.  The turquoise color is very appealing to me.  The whole thing is covered in silicone and is very comfortable.  The controls are on the bottom so they are easy to access when in use.

The main feature I enjoy from this vibrator is the round bulbous tip at the end of it.  My other vibrators are all penis shaped so this was new for me.  Boy was I happy with the feel of it.

Compared to all of my other vibrators, I found this one a bit short!  Maybe an inch or so longer would of been nice!  The clit stimulator is a cool idea but I was disappointed by it.  Once the vibrator was inserted, the butterfly clit massager was a little too low in order to give me good clitoral stimulation.  I was hoping that this vibrator would give me a clitoral orgasm, but unfortunately, I was disappointed on that expectation.  That being said, I would still rate this vibrator 7 out of 10.

Solidly constructed, it features a simple to use one touch control, a  waterproof design and offers 3 distinct intensity levels.

How did I solve my problem for clit stimulation that night?  I had this vibrator inserted in my horny pussy and with the help of my new lipstick vibrator on my clit; I was able to get a full orgasm, including lots of squirting which was awesome for my hubby who was watching me on Skype far away from home!  Excelent for beginners but combined with a separate clit massager; this vibrator is awesome even for advanced users!  

A great big thank you to Good Vibrations for allowing me to review this toy!

B Naughty Unleashed Premium Wireless Remote Massaging Bullet

This post was actually written by my wife!

After receiving this wireless toy, I actually had to wait 3 weeks in order for my husband to come back home from a business trip.  I didn't see the fun or thrill of trying this one alone on myself.  The point of this toy is to have the element of surprise when the different vibration settings change as someone else controls it.  Therefore, my husband had to be the one with the remote and myself with the vibrator inserted and ready to be turned on.

We really liked the look of this device.  All black, nice and sexy looking!  Even the box is pretty cool.  It's a nice size and stealthily quiet.  I don't know if I'll be game enough to secretly play with this one out in public while we're out on a date.  I'm sure my husband would be really turned on if we were to try it at lets just say a fancy restaurant or at the movies!

It felt good when my hubby inserted it in my pussy.  Having him change the settings without telling me was pretty neat and exciting.  We will surely use this vibrating bullet often, I'm sure!

I already have a few ideas for future adventures with this sex toy.  I told my husband that when he works on night shifts, I could leave the remote where he would find it and I could then go to sleep with the bullet inserted, just waiting to be woken up.  What a nice surprise it would be to wake up to a nice vibrating sensation deep inside of me!

It features a 7 functions waterproof bullet and a wireless LED screen remote. The range was surprisingly good!  I was upstairs in the house and I could feel him changing the settings from a different level.

Good solid construction, easy to clean and extremely fun to play with!  I enjoyed the vibrations coming on by surprise as my husband enjoyed secretly turning them on and changing the modes while observing my reactions.  The only bummer is that the batteries aren't standard.  I will have to get some ahead of time before they die during an important mission!  We both really recommend this toy; it's a great foreplay device that involves both partners in the fun, leading to an evening of hot passionate sex.  

Monday, 15 April 2013

Kiss & Makeup Lipstick Vibrator

This post was actually written by my wife!

I was pretty happy when I received this toy! My husband had just left for a five week business trip out of town so I was excited to have a new toy to try while I was on my own.
The lipstick vibrator, was pretty cool! I know that it was designed that way but wow, I don't know if I would see a difference between this vibrator and a regular lipstick if the contents of my purse were to fall out!  You can't tell that it's not a real lipstick just by looking at it.
Boy is it powerful! I wasn't expecting that much power coming from such a small device. It did the job for me pretty well.  I orgasm'd over and over. I'm sure it was intended for clitoral stimulation only, because it didn't do much for me when the tip was inserted.  I'm sure my husband will want me to try this one in a public place! I would travel with this one for sure.
The tip is made out of silicone and the rest of plastic.  It is well constructed, waterproof, offers three vibration speeds and one pulsation pattern for extra stimulation.  The power button is on the bottom of it and is very discreet. 
This is a very neat sex toy for someone who wants to carry a vibrator in her purse and use it whenever and wherever the need happens to be.  I got mine from Good Vibrations.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

She makes him eat his own cum straight from his cock!

This video really turned me on!  There's nothing I love more than eating my own cum.  I just love the delicious, warm, gooey and salty taste of cum.  I can never get enough!  I usually do it alone, while masturbating or I eat it out of my wife's pussy after a good fucking.  But I have never done it like in this video and I really would love to try it that way.  I will definitely ask her to make me eat my cum straight from my cock one day.  Check out the video here:

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cold shower or bath? Try it and see!

I never understood the whole "take a cold shower" when you are horny concept.  Cold water doesn't take away my hornyness, it actually makes me even more horny!  For some reason it makes me get incredibly hard.  Try this to wake up your genitals and to get extra horny:  Take a really hot bath and near the end of your bath, turn on just the cold water and your genitals will wake up and incredibly come to life once they start to feel the cold water.  You won't be able to keep yourself from playing with your cock or pussy as they are being caressed by the cold water lurking in the middle of the hot bath.  Try it before a masturbation or a sex session and see how your genitals magically spring to life!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Solosuck: Sucking my own Cock (self-sucking)

Hooray!  I have finally made contact between my lips and the tip of my cock while trying to self-suck.  I did it using the x position.  It felt so amazing to feel that warm cock touch my eager lips, to feel the tip of my tongue play with the opening of my penis, to lick up my precum!  I started warming up with the seated C position then when I was very close, I switched to the x position and noticed that I was closer than ever.  So I took out my cock ring  to get an extra hard erection, and after so many years, I was finally able to put my lips on my rock hard cock again.  WOW, It felt so incredibly good!  The hardest part was not getting carried away and trying to go even further risking possible injury.  I decided to leave it at just the tip so that I could live to fight another battle some other night.  Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to get part of my knob in.  I can't wait to see and I really can't wait to feel my cock explode inside of my mouth!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve

The Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve...  WOW!  This little thing is great!  My wife gave me two of these eggs for Christmas which I anxiously tried and was not at all disappointed.  It's an elastomer sleeve that fits over the head of your penis but when stroked, it stretches all the way down to the base providing great sensations on your cock.  The eggs are textured inside with different textures to choose from and cum with a small packet of lube.  They are sold as one time use items but with proper care and cleaning they can be used multiple times.  After three times with the same egg, mine still looks brand new!  One of my favorite features of this toy is that as you stretch the egg down your shaft, the top of the egg becomes transparent revealing your knob allowing you to see yourself cum inside of the egg.  I have tried many sex toys and next to the Fleshlight this is for sure the second best feeling male sex toy that I have tried so far.  Even though the Fleshlight has a slight advantage in the sensation department, the Tenga egg has a slight advantage in the ease of preparation and cleanup isle but a huge advantage in the cost factor.  Retailing for about 8.50$, it is definitely, definitely worth trying! Until February 15th 2013 get 20% off at   To get your Tenga eggs dirt cheep just click on the GV link and use this coupon code: GV204U   

(Please note that the offer excludes the usual items of Gift Cards, Kits, our GiVe Donation, and Jopen products and may not be combined with Sale Items or any other offer.)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Got a Sex Tip or Idea?

I am always on the hunt for new exciting ways to spice up my sexlife with my wife.  If anyone has any tips, ideas or things to try, then please share it with us on this post.  Come on...  Don't be shy.  All ideas and tips are welcome as long as they are legal.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Multiple Orgasms

WOW!  Last night was fun!  Lots of squirting, teabagging, sucking and multiple orgasms.  We started the night off watching the movie Hysteria.  It's about the invention of the vibrator and no it's not a cheesy b-movie it's actually a big production and it was actually good.  We then hit the bed at around one A.M., and as all good sex nights we brought the laptop with us to watch some porn as we got it on.  While my wife was in the shower I watched golden showers and watersports videos but once she joined me in bed she wanted videos with cocks in it so we switched videos and as the girl sucked off the guy, my wife started sucking my hard cock.  While she gave me some wonderful head complete with ball cupping I was fingering her pussy.  I always make sure to stimulate her AFE zone because that makes for some huge squirting latter on and she really, really, really enjoys having it stimulated.  (For those who don't know what the AFE zone is, it's the area all around the cervix)  With my pinky, I also gently fingered her tight little piss hole or more technically known as the opening off the urethra (urinary meatus).   I then played with her clit and G-spot as she squirted and squirted, soaking our waterproof blanket beneath us.  She was so horny that she sucked me like crazy, she even sucked my balls like there was no tomorrow.  It felt so amazingly good to have both of my nuts in her mouth as she stroke my rock hard cock that was all lubed up with her saliva as I felt all of her squirt leak out off her pussy, down my hand and arm.  In fact it felt so good that I cummed all over my belly.  Even though I had jizzed my wife was still horny and she started rubbing my cum all over her tits and that kept me rock hard.  I kept on playing with her pussy but my cock went soft, however she was so horny that she didn't give up.  She licked up some of my cum and started kissing me passionately with it.  That was enough to get me hard again and we started fucking.  It took a long time for me to cum a second time but since I was desensitized from the first orgasm, I was able to pound her long and hard which she extremely enjoyed!     

Monday, 7 January 2013

Golden Shower, Bondage and Creampie Eating!

Last weekend I didn't get allot of sex but the one fuck session was a really good one!  I guess it's not always about the quantity, it's also about the quality.  We started cuddling on the couch while watching a movie called Project X which my wife was not to crazy about but I liked it because there were lots of titties in it.  While we watched the movie, I started playing with her nipples.  I ran my fingers back and forth over them and every now and then I pulled on them making her nipples quite hard.  To further turn her on I would sometimes suck on her hard erect nippies which would always make her gasp and moan.  I think all that nipple play got her extremely wet but just to make sure I was getting her as horny as possible I started rubbing her pussy over top of her pants.  This teasing continued until the end of the movie where she then got up, took off her clothes and then sat on top of me as I was lying down.  I then felt her bare pussy with my fingers and it was ridiculously wet.  But then to my pleasant surprise she started shooting out small spurts of piss on me.  It felt so amazing to get my pants, sweater and hands wet with her piss.  She stroked my cock and sucked on it a little but we then moved it on into the shower.  In there I knelt between her legs with my mouth wide open on her pussy and she started filling it with a strong stream of her golden nectar.  I swallowed what I could but the rest leaked out and drenched my body.  I love golden showers!  We then hit the bedroom where I blindfolded her, tied each one of her limbs to the bed, put nipple clamps on her nipples, a vibrating clit sucker on her clit and a dildo in her pussy.   I also took a frozen spoon out of the freezer and moved it all over her body.  I was ramming that dildo in and out as she stroked my cock with one of her tied up hands.  After making her squirt a few times, I untied her so that she could give me a better blowjob.  Once I was too close to the edge of shooting my load I told her to stop and I then took out the spreader bar I had made and welded on my own earlier that day.  She laid down on her back where I then tied her legs to the bar first and then her hands.  I thought It was incredibly sexy to see her tied up like that to a metal bar.  I started fucking her while enjoying the view of my helpless wife all tied up in front of me.  As soon as I was past the point of no return I pulled out and cummed all over her pussy without touching my cock.  I then moved down and ate her delicious creampie as it was a big one.  My mouth was so incredibly filled with my own cum that just the excitement from it kept me hard and horny allowing me to fuck her a second time.  I can't wait to do it all again!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Eating My Own Cum Off Of Her Plus Snowballing

Last night I realized something when I asked my wife if I could cum on her pussy and she replied only if you lick it all off!  I have finally got her into my eating own cum fetish.  It's been more than a couple of years since I had told her that I love to eat my own cum.  At first she was grossed out and would never give into my fetish so therefore I could only enjoy it when I was masturbating.  I would ether shoot it straight into my mouth with my legs over my head or drink it from a glass but in the past year she started to let me lick it off of her.  It started with spreading my precum on her nipples then licking it off.  After that she let me cum on her tits a few times and she then let me lick some of it off, after that she started to let me eat her out after cumming in her but she didn't allow it very often.  The real fun all started when I told her I had a technique I wanted to try in order to achieve male multiple orgasms.  The technique was to pull out once I had reached the point of no return and to ejaculate all over her pussy without anything touching my cock then going down on her to lick it all up.  I tried it and it worked like magic!  I coated her pussy with a big huge load of cum then I licked and sucked her pussy clean which totally turned me on and to my surprise I kept my erection and I was still extremely horny so I then fucked her a second time on the same erection.  She really enjoyed it and it has now become something we do all the time.  She has even started to snowball me just before the Christmas vacations but we still have allot of work to do on that subject before I can call snowballing one of our common activities.