Saturday, 25 August 2012

Golden Drink, Squirt And Good Sex

Last night my wife and I watched some good online porn of a very wet kind.  I then joined her in the shower where she gave me a good long shower drink.  It tasted so good and I love the fact that she was looking down at me enjoying my drink!  We then went back to the bedroom and continued our sex session.  I had some precum leaking out of the tip of my cock so I wiped it on her nipple and then I sucked on it.  Nipple and precum is such a delicious mix.  As I was sucking passionately I was also fingering her G-spot and it wasn't long before she started squirting.  She then moved towards my cock and gave me the most amazing blowjob as I was fingering her and making her squirt like crazy!  Good thing we have a squirt blanket (waterproof blanket) to protect our bed mattress.  I was so horny and getting so close to cumming, so I told her to stop and suck my balls instead of my cock.  It felt incredibly amazing.  She then layed down beside me and I made her orgasm and squirt some more.  She looked so hot in her lingerie that I just wanted to watch her squirt all over my face, so as per my request she sat down on my chest giving me an extreme close up of her pussy and started masturbating by rubbing her clit wildly!  The expressions of extreme pleasure on her face that I was seeing from down below and her screaming while I could see her hand rubbing her clit like a mad women where almost enough to make me cum with nothing touching my cock!  I was waiting with my mouth wide open just an inch from her squirt hole and it wasn't long before she started shooting her delicious juices into my mouth and all over my face and pillow!  It tasted so amazing!  After squirting on my face many times she layed down on the bed.  I looked at her and she looked so amazingly sexy that I couldn't help but to just shove my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and fuck her so hard.  When I jizzed the orgasm was so incredibly intense that it almost knocked me out for the night!  I so truly love my wife!!!

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