Male Masturbator

The Travel Honeypot

A few years ago my wife gave me a gift card for Christmas.  It was a gift card for the local sex shop, hooray!...  I intended to buy a fleshlight but unfortunately, they did not carry the fleshlight.    They did however sell something that greatly resembled it.  It was called “The Travel Honeypot”.  It looked like allot of fun, and my cock was hard as a rock while I was purchasing this masturbator.  When I arrived home and opened the box I was a little disappointed because there was a small defect in the latex right where the lips of the vagina where on the honeypot.  Also, I was disappointed in the quality, I thought this masturbator was solid latex but it is more of a latex sleeve with a foam cushion filling the space between the sleeve and the plastic casing.  The first time I tried it I was incredibly horny and since it felt so good I came very quickly.  Cleaning it was a breeze; I simply flipped the sleeve inside out and rinsed it with soap and warm water.  Unfortunately, I found out after a few uses, that flipping it inside out to clean it is not a good idea since it ended up ripping.  Another interesting finding I experienced while testing this masturbator is that it felt really good when I had abstained for at least a few days, however, I didn’t enjoy it if I had ejaculated in the last 48 hours or so.  It retails for 23$ to 50$ depending on where you shop, and you can also pay extra for a vibrating model.  Quality wise I give the Travel Honeypot a score of 4/10 and feeling wise I give it 5/10. Bottom line, if you find it under 25$ it can be worth a try but above that price I would try something else.

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