Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bondage for Sex

After reading Chanta Rose's "Bondage for Sex" (volume 1), (once again provided by Good I was motivated to try out for myself, a little bit of bondage on my wife.  The book's introductory chapters were quite interesting, they touched a bit on the writers own experiences, bondage styles, rope types available for bondage, learning the knots and a few words of caution.  Those chapters were only 19 pages of the 138 page book, the rest is almost all detailed bondage positions to try out.

The bondage suggested in this book is somewhat light and geared towards the beginners or the intermediate.  Seventeen positions in all, each one is broken down into detail from the very first knot to the very last one with sexy, beautiful colored pictures guiding the reader along each knot.

So far my wife and I have tried the "Simple Leg Tie for Sex" position and it was alot of fun!  I have never seen my wife squirt so much in any other sexual activity we have tried.  That position just made her squirt like a geyser straight up into the air!  I really can't wait to try the "Open Leg Pile Driver" on her, that position just looks so hot and sexy!

The Maven Silicone Dildo

After receiving the Maven Silicone Dildo from Pleasure Works Wholesale which the good people at sent me, we quickly put it to good use!

A soft silicone shaft, featuring a base built to be used with strap on harnesses, this dildo offers many possibilities.  It's large girth provides that sensational feeling of fullness and it's veiny ridges make it great just as a dildo for masturbation, but it's also very sexy looking and fun to use as a strap on cock with a partner.  I built a leg harness to strap this big bad boy to my thigh so that my wife could ride it up and down as she sucked on my cock.  It was incredibly sexy and fun to watch her ride the hard cock strapped to my leg as she sucked me off!

The all silicone construction makes it really easy to clean with water and soap, and for extra cleanliness you can even boil it for five minutes.

This is a great toy for couples and I can't wait to use it again!