Saturday, 7 January 2012

What a night!

Once the kids where in bed last night we started the evening off with a chocolate fondue and sparkling wine thinking it would set the mood for some passionate sex.  Unfortunately the chocolate burnt before we could even eat it.  Then we went up to the bedroom for some action.  As we were finishing the bubbly and watching a bit of online porn to raise the horny level through the roof, are youngest son ran in the bedroom.  Luckily he went back to sleep in his room within minutes.  We then got the fun started as my wife was wearing some very sexy lingerie that got me rock hard.  I could tell that she was also quite horny because she was plenty wet.  She then did something that made me insanely want her, she stuck a finger in her dripping wet cunt then shoved it in my mouth, although I really wish she would of licked it herself that would have been even hotter.  I then started to finger her, as she was on all fours over me, until she squirted a few times on my cock, there’s nothing I love more then to be soaked with her juices.  We use a waterproof blanket under us when I make her squirt.  Considering the fact that the blanket was already wet from all her squirting and the fact that I had to pee, I decided to let a little bit out on the blanket.  Wow it felt so good to release during foreplay that I ended up letting it all go making a huge mess on the bed since the blanket was not placed properly.  She then shoved my cock that was all slicked up with her female ejaculate into her hot pussy and rode it until I filled her with my cum. I then had allot of laundry to do as she laughed at me. 

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