Thursday, 20 September 2012

Masturbation Breaks While Exercising

Here's one to try if you have the luxury of working out in the privacy of your own house.  I like to do some cardio where I get my heart pumping fast making me all sweaty, then I do my sit ups to get that six pack I so desire but in between sit up reps, while lying down on the floor, I masturbate and it feels so good.  I guess it's the combination of sweat and the fact that my abdominals are aching and exhausted that makes it feel so incredibly good but it's an excellent way to enjoy yourself plus it's a good motivator to work out!  Try it and let me know of your experience!  

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cum Kiss, Snowball

The other night she finally agreed to snowball my cum with me after giving me a blowjob.  While she was sucking I was so horny just from thinking of my hot jizz that was going to shoot from my tight nuts into her mouth and then I was going to get to taste and swallow my delicious creamy load!  Just the thought of it was bringing me to the edge of shooting and I couldn't wait to taste it!  With her lips wrapped around my swollen member, I could feel my cock and balls start to pulsate quickly shooting my cum into her mouth.   She then looked at me and moved up giving me a passionate cum kiss.  It tasted so good and was so amazing to feel my cum pass between our tongues as we were making out passionately!  I then finished by swallowing every single drop.  Unfortunately that night I didn't produce a very big load but maybe next time I will be luckier and get a whole mouth full!  I totally can't wait until the next time.