Fleshlite (Riley Steel, lotus texture)


I finally received my first Fleshlight!  I had wanted one for the longest time.  I had first heard of it in a documentary where the creator of this toy claimed it is so good that it is actually better than the real thing! I must admit I was very skeptic to all of the claims of just how amazing it feels because so far I had yet to find a toy that actually felt better than just using my hand.  I had serious doubts to my expensive purchase especially since my knockoff version of the Fleshlight called the "the travel honeypot masturbator" did't feel that great and was more of a waste of my hard earned money.

I was very excited unboxing it and quickly read the instructions.  I warmed it up in hot water, than lubed it up with the provided water based lube sample and made sure to spread some on my hard cock.  I then slowly penetrated my stiff erection into the Fleshlight and to my grand surprise... What an amazing feeling!!!  I couldn't get over how good it felt.  I immediately knew that I had not wasted a single penny  purchasing this masturbator.  I was moving it up and down my slick cock slowly enjoying the feeling of the warm ribbed insides of my lotus textured masturbator sleeve caressing perfectly my cock like a real pussy would.  I really love pushing it down as far as I can and feel the vaginal mound bump against the area where the base of my shaft connects with my body. It almost feels like it not only wants to swallow my cock but also wants to swallow the rest of me.  It felt so good that I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before I blew my hot load so I started pumping it up and down vigourously and cummed a huge slimy load inside of my Riley Steel Fleshlight.  Then when I pulled it off of my cock a very wet creampie leaked out from the pussy lips of my Fleshlight only to fall on my stomach, just like in real life!

For those of you who are on the fence about purchasing a Fleshlight, the only thing I can tell you is you are totally missing out on the best masturbation experience.  I have heard some complaints from people stating that it is too much trouble to warm it up beforehand and to clean it up at the end.  In my opinion it's not much of an inconvenience, just drop the insert in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before (who cares about those few minutes because you are probably watching porn anyways) then after cumming in it, just run warm water through it and let it air dry.  He wasn't lying, it really does feel like the real thing and maybe even better! (I hope my wife doesn't see that statement!)  I even jokingly told her the next morning that I would no longer need her services any more!  The funny thing is, she's the one who bought it for me.

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