Monday, 9 April 2012

Squirting, Good Sucking, Watersports And Some Creampie Eating!

Last night I got the whole package.  Squirting, good sucking, watersports and some creampie eating.  I knew she was horny when she changed the television channel at midnight to the porn channel and sat there watching it even while I was not watching it with her.  When she was almost done her shower, she yelled out "are you going to join me?"  Within a matter of seconds I was in the shower making out with her then I dropped to my knees and started sucking on her pussy.  I was ultimately hoping for a golden shower.  I just love tasting her piss!  To her credit she tried, but once again nothing came out, we then reversed our positions and now I was the one receiving good head.  We then slipped into our bed on top of our squirt blanket as I got her extremely wet with my fingers.  She was on the verge of squirting, however, I was not ready to let her squirt, I wanted my golden shower.  I wanted her to fill my mouth with her golden nectar.  I was lying on my back and very thirsty so I told her to bring me her pussy and ride my mouth.  Lying there with her pussy over me, I sucked and licked her wet cunt at the same time as I fingered her G-spot.  It wasn't long until she started shooting streams of pee into my mouth.  It tasted so good and felt amazing to get my mouth filled with her piss and feel some of it run down my cheeks, chin and neck.  I had to swallow many times to avoid drowning!  She then layed on her back and now, I was ready to let her squirt.  I fingered her G-spot until she was shooting like a geyser and made a huge wet spot on our water proof blanket.  Once she was drained of all fluids she then told me that she deserved to get fucked with me on top.  The missionary is far from my favorite position, but since she gave me what I wanted, I gave her what she wanted, and that was plain old missionary sex.  However, when it comes to sex, nothing is plain with me!  After shooting a big thick load of cum in her cunt, I went down and licked my hot and gooey mess.  There's nothing more delicious than a fresh salty creampie!