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See Me Cum With This Toy

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AAAhhh!  The Fetish Fantasy Series "Shock Therapy" kit from Pipedream.  I really love this toy!  Or should I say we really love this toy!  My wife and I tried it together each using two of the four pads to stimulate ourselves.  We tried it on multiple places on the body including the nipples which feels amazing, the abdomen, the back, and of course on the genitals.  At first it feels weird, even a little painful but once you learn to use it, it feels amazing.  My wife was really getting horny from the nipple stimulation provided by this toy as I was playing with her pussy.  While my wife was away for the weekend I decided to try it alone while surfing porn on the internet.  WOW!!!  It felt so good to have my nipples, cock and balls stimulated all at the same time while watching some good porn.  I cummed the huggest load with multiple spurts of thick cum.  My stomach was covered in jizz.  The orgasm is so extremely intense because it feels like someone else is stimulating you instead of just yourself masturbating.  Since I had the toy on me probably for longer than I should have my nipples where slightly soar the next day but it was extremely worth it.  It also gives great massages. The Shock Therapy kit comes with very little instructions but you can easily figure out the basics of it with trial and error.  One word of caution, do not use Shock Therapy if you have any medical condition or may be pregnant.  I give this toy a 10/10 plus a huge erection.   Use at your own risk!

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