Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Snowballing, Cum Swapping After A Hot Blowjob!

Those who follow me must know by now that I absolutely love to taste my own cum.  It totally turns me on!  Last night while my wife was sucking me, it felt so good that I really got into it.  I was getting that incredible thirst for cum that I so often suffer from when I am really horny.  She was using lots of saliva as she was sucking, which made it feel out of this world.  Every now and then she would pull her mouth off of my cock only to spit a big white gob of saliva on it.  Even though I knew it was just spit, I was imagining that it was a big thick load of jizz.  WOW, I was getting so cum hungry.  In order to satisfy my thirst, I suggested to my wife that she sucks me all the way then she could move up and snowball me while shoving my still hard cock in her pussy so that we could fuck while swapping my cum around.  Since she didn't give me any answer I figured it was a "no" but as she kept on sucking I was getting incredibly close to cumming, therefore, I told her to stop but she kept on going.  I felt my nuts squeeze out a load into her mouth and when my cock stopped pulsating, she moved up and kissed me with my hot load of cum as I shoved my prick into her pussy to fuck as we shared the jizz.  I can't wait to do it again!