improvised masturbator from dollar store!

Good news, this one won’t cost you much.  It’s actually a kid’s toy you can purchase at your local dollar store.  I don’t know what they are called but you can probably remember them from back when you were a kid.  Do you remember those darn toys that were shaped like a tube but felt like a water balloon and were very hard to hold on to because they just kept on squeezing out of your hands? I for one remember them and I also remember seeing them in the stores and having dirty ideas as to what I could do with such a toy. I have often read about the virtues of this cheap toy on many masturbation sites, I just had to try it for myself.  First of all it feels better if you heat it up in warm water but be careful not to burn yourself.  Second of all, it requires allot of lube (I tried KY but my favourite was baby oil). Make sure to lube up your cock and the inside as well as the outside of the toy.  Getting it on the penis can be challenging because the toy always tries to squeeze its way out of your hands.  Once on, you can experiment with different stroking techniques, the one that I found felt the best was to slide it on my cock about half way down, than I pinch the tube shut tight with my fingers just a few inches above the tip of the penis and stroke away sliding the pinched tube up and down my shaft all the way to the base.  It’s not the best feeling sex toy ever but, for a dollar, it’s more than worth the try and it can add a little variety to your masturbation routine.  Feeling wise I give it a 6/10.

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