Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Selfsucking and Eating My Own cum!

My wife is out of town for the week so last night I spent the evening watching porn.  I was so horny and felt like sucking my own cock so badly, but unfortunately in the past few months I have not been able to reach.  When I do reach it, I can only get the tip inside my lips but it feels so incredibly hot to feel my hard warm cock against my lips and tongue! I was so close last night but didn't want to push it too much and injure myself so I stopped it there and satisfied myself by throwing my legs over my head and shooting a big warm gooey load of cum inside of my mouth.  It tasted so good, I can never get enough of my own cum! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Suck me Good then fill my mouth with Piss!

Last night I had great sex!   I had been working nights all week and finally I had a night at home with my wife.  I was already totally horny since my wife had given me a few preview sucks during the day.  For those who don't know what a preview suck is:  It's when she sucks your cock for a little while to show you what you will be getting later on, but she doesn't make you cum so that you can keep all your horniness for later.  Once the kids hit the bed we watched a bit of television then we took our showers in preparation for some late night fun.  My wife took out her squirt blanket while I was washing up and when I joined her in bed she started sucking me, making my cock rock hard.  It felt amazing as she cupped my balls tightly against by body with her free hand while she fellated me.  But what felt even better was when she lubed up my cock with her saliva and did her trademark hand stroke she invented on my cock.  I'm totally honest when I say it actually feels better than a blowjob.  The mix of her signature stroking alternating with some sucking was such a good feeling.  As she was doing so, I was fingering her pussy.  I played with her clit for some time, but I then shoved my fingers in as deep as they would go and massaged her fornix with my fingers.  That made her really wet and she soon started squirting.  I then asked her if we could do the 69 and she quickly climbed over me, placing her wet cunt directly over my face.  I started sucking on her clit and fingering her G-spot.  I was really thirsty and was soon rewarded with her delicious pussy nectar.  With my mouth opened directly on her urethra, I felt a strong stream of piss fill my mouth to the point of overflowing.  I swallowed all that I could but the excess leaked out, down my chin and cheeks pooling under my head.  She tasted so good!  Since I can never get enough of it, I continued vigorously stimulating her G-spot, shooting streams and streams of squirt and piss in my mouth and all over my face.  Once she was absolutely drained and empty, she turned around, mounted my cock and fucked me until I cummed inside her hot pussy.  I can't wait to see what tonight will bring!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

New drink and Magic Mike!

Tonight I came up with a new drink.  I was watching "Magic Mike" with my wife and decided that I could use a good buzz!  I started on wine.   We drank a bottle of Zuccardi red wine and it was pretty good but we where getting towards the bottom of the bottle and my wife wanted the remainder of it so I left it for her.  But I still needed a drink so I took out a bottle of dry gin and mixed it with some Aranciata San Pellegrino in a martini glass.  Then I thought some Grenadine would add a bit of colour and it did!  I must say it looked sexy and tasted great.  Then the second glass I thought that a little taste of vanilla to the mix might do it some good, so therefore I added some Galliano.  And it did it!  It tasted like heaven!  Excellent sweet taste and hits you pretty good.  The only problem is that I haven't come up with a name for it yet.  Any ideas!  Maybe Magic Mike since that's what I was watching or maybe something else.  Any ideas out there?  By the way, I'm not afraid to admit, I really liked Magic Mike!