O Yeah Vertical Vibrating Ring

Last night we tried the O Yeah vertical vibrating ring provided to us for review by the good folks at Good Vibes.  I have had many clit tickling vibrating cock rings but this one topes them all.  First of all many of the other vibrating cock rings that I own are so stretchy that they do not act as cock rings at all.  The O Yeah is tight enough to act as a moderate cock ring giving you a harder erection yet stretchy enough to slide on and off easily.  The innovative design featuring the bullet placed vertically instead of the more commonly seen sideways position offers greater clitoral stimulation while pumping your cock in and out of her pussy.  The angle of the bullet insures it remains in contact with the clit throughout most of the thrusting.  I found the bullet extremely powerful and because of its vertical slanted position I could feel the vibration along the entire length of my penis.  My wife greatly enjoyed the fact that the vibrating "finger" remained in contact with her clit much longer than our other vibrating cock rings and can really help if trying to give her an orgasm through penile penetration.  She also loved the pleasure bumps lining it; she could definitely feel them tickling her clit! 

With bulleted cock rings you must use care in some positions not to place too much pressure on the bullet or it can be painful for one of the two.      The best position we found for using this ring was where I was standing up beside the edge of the bed and my wife was lying on her back with her but up against the edge of the mattress and her legs bent up towards her chest. (It's a sort of, missionary for one and standing for the other,  position) 

It is very easy to clean with regular antibacterial hand soap and water.  The O Yeah uses three replaceable watch batteries LR1130 (included) and the bullet can be easily removed for a battery change or replaced if ever defective.   We both really loved this toy and will definitely use it again in our passionate love making!!!  We give it each two thumbs up plus an erection on my part! (if we both gave it an erection there would be a problem in our couple)

( It boasts that it is waterproof however I have not yet tested this feature.)    

      A great big thank you to Good Vibrations Sex Toys for providing this toy for review!!!

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