Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fucking Her By Surprise While She Slept Then eating her Creampie

Last night we watched a murder mystery documentary on the laptop in bed.  After she wanted sex but I told her tomorrow so therefore she went to sleep while I continued to watch porn in bed and slowly masturbated while watching others on  I got so hard and horny that tomorrow's sex quickly turned into right now sex because technically we where actually tomorrow since I told her tomorrow at 11:30pm and it was now past 1 am.  I put the laptop away and moved under the blankets between her legs to lap at her extremely wet pussy.  It tasted so good and she quickly started moaning and writhing while still sleeping.  After many minutes of eating her out I started fucking her with my o so hard cock as she opened her eyes and awoke from her fantasy.  I asked her if it feels good and she answered yes amidst gasps of pleasure.  I was getting close to cumming so I pulled out and moved back down to do some more pussy eating.  Some of the porn I was watching prior to playing with her involved guys eating their own cum so I was incredibly hungry to eat my own.  I ate her out imagining that it was covered with my cum and I was getting even more cum hungry.   (I'm getting hard just writing about this) I licked her pussy until I was insatiably hungry to eat my own cum so I then moved up and started fucking her again and as I was getting close I asked her if I could cum all over her pussy and lick it clean.  She answered do whatever you want.  That got me so hard and it brought me extremely close to the edge, I then knew I was going to cum within the next seconds.  As my cock started pulsing I pulled out and laid my knob on her pussy lips which I glazed with thick white gooey gobs of my hot cum.  Once my ejaculation contractions stopped I moved down once again and started eating her pussy.  I could taste my deliciously thick cum which made me eat her even more passionately while she moaned in absolute pleasure.  I could feel my cum coat my mouth and slowly slide down my throat.  It felt so amazing and was so hot.  I licked and sucked on her pussy until there wasn't a single drop of my cum left, and then I started fucking her again!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Home Made Bondage Kit (Our first try with bondage)

After hearing my wife and the rest of the world talk about the book Fifty Shades of Grey I had an idea!  I never had any interest in bondage before but after hearing so much about it I decided I would surprise my wife and try it on her.  Since I didn't know if we would like it, I did not want to invest too much money into it.  I decided to make my own bondage kit.  At a local department store I purchased two black leather cat collars complete with metal studs for her wrists and two matching dog collars for her ankles.  At the hardware store I bought eight feet of thick and strong white plastic chain, some thick rope and four strong spring loaded metal clips.  I divided and cut the plastic chain in four segments of two feet.  I then cut about three feet of rope for each bed post attaching one end to its respective corner post and the other end to the two feet of plastic chain.  With my drill I added some extra holes to the leather collars so that they could attach tightly around my wife's wrists and ankles.  Where the leash usually attaches to the collars I attached some spring loaded metal clips in order to fasten the collars to the chains.  The Idea behind the metal clips is that with these quick release clips I can quickly adjust how far up or down the chain the collars are attached in order to adjust for different positions or situations that I put her in.  Even though all the supplies only cost me about twenty five dollars in total, it actually looks somewhat like a professional kit that you would purchase in a sex store.  I was very excited to try it on her, she had no idea since I had put this kit together in secret and I hid it under the blankets while she took her shower.  After a bit of foreplay, I blindfolded her, then I tied her wrists followed by her ankles as I saw a huge smile on her face.  Taking advantage of the situation, I also took out our shock therapy kit and attached it to her nipples and near her pussy which she greatly enjoyed as I fingered her to the point of squirting multiple times with huge volumes of fluid!  This was lots of fun and I think she will ask me to try it again.  Spice it up and try it!