Sunday, 27 May 2012

Amazing Sex

Last night's sex was absolutely amazing.  I had just returned home following a week's absence since I was literally at the other end of the world.  While I was away, she had started reading "Fifty Shades of Gray" and needless to say, she was extremely horny at my return.  I got off the plane late in the afternoon, so my wife and I secretly teased each other sexually the rest of the day until the kids went to bed.   We then took our showers and hit the bed.  My wife was wearing a short school girl skirt and I was wearing nothing.  She read a little bit more of her naughty book in bed as I tweeted dirty tweets.  We then turned off the lights and to my pleasant surprise; my wife suggested that we watch some youporn in bed.  She chose some blowjob videos and while we watched she started sucking me good... amazingly good!  She would suck, then every once and a while she would do something with her mouth to my cock that was extremely painful but in a way felt good and really turned me on.  She also licked and sucked on my nuts while we watched some good porn and at the same time I fingered her wet pussy.  I then told her that I was really thirsty so she sat on my chest presenting her hot cunt to me and she rubbed her clit until she shot a hot load of piss, hitting me in the eye but I quickly placed my mouth over her piss hole and slurped it all up.  Yummy!...  It was delicious but I wanted more!  I wanted to be drenched.  She then laid down with her pussy pointed at me and I fingered her G-spot until she shot more piss and girl cum all over me.  I would often position my cock directly in her piss stream and enjoyed the wetness.  Once she was done and I was soaked, I started fucking her missionary style.  I cummed fairly quickly due to the extreme wetness and also since I hadn't had any action all week.   I had pulled out of her pussy just prior to cumming covering her cunt in hot thick gooey jizz.  I then moved down and licked and sucked it all off of her pussy.  It was delicious, I can never get enough!  After I eat my own cum I always stay horny, so I then moved in for a second fuck and for the first time ever, I managed to have a second orgasm while having sex on the same erection, flooding her pussy with more cum.  That was one of the best sex sessions I have ever experienced in my life!   Nights like that make me love my wife that much more.

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