Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The elusive male multiple orgasms (test trial #2)

Last night was my second attempt at attaining the mythical male multiple orgasms.  We started off with a little bit of foreplay, mainly her sucking my cock, and then we went straight to the point with penetration.  Usually we do allot more foreplay then we did but it being the week we decided to cut the fun short.  Adopting the missionary position with her legs slightly bent I thrust my cock in and out until the point of no return.  As soon as I knew that I had attained this decisive point where ejaculation becomes undeniable I pulled out very quickly and allowed myself to orgasm and ejaculate all over her pussy and belly while keeping all of my muscles relaxed with nothing touching my cock.  Once the orgasm and ejaculation where over I reinserted my penis, which was still erect, into her wet, cum covered, pussy.  Using this technique I was still able to penetrate her for a short period of time with ought the usual painful sensitivity of the penis that most males experience after ejaculation.  I was only able to keep it up for a brief duration before I lost my erection however she greatly enjoyed that short second fuck even though I was not able to ejaculate a second time.  Test trial #2 was not a success however it was not a total failure; I was able to keep on going with ought the pain, and also, I have always fantasized of eating her creampie but, unfortunately, I always end up losing interest after ejaculating.  This time I did keep interest in licking up her tasty creampie even though I did not follow on my desire to ... but I will try it next time... I promise...  I just can’t wait until test trial #3!

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