Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If you have an idea as to what sexual experience I should try next with my wife then please reply to this post.  All ideas are welcomed as long as they involve only legal activities.  Thank’s!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Eating my own creampie

This time I didn’t chicken out!  I have always fantasized of licking my wife’s pussy clean after having cummed in it.  I often enjoy tasting my own cum after masturbating but I always lose interest in doing it after ejaculating during sex.  I have done it once or twice after sex when I had drank a little too much and really enjoyed tasting the mixture of my cum mixed in with her pussy juices, the taste and thought of what I was doing at the moment just made me hard again.  I have also tasted it a few times on her nipples after a titty fuck and loved the taste and gelatine like consistency of it.  (Just a little side note for the macho guy’s out there, tasting your own cum has nothing to do with being gay, research it on the net and you will see that there is a huge community of men who enjoy and get turned on by this activity.)  Tonight I managed to keep interest in eating her out after cumming in her cunt and it was so good!  I started off by making her squirt like crazy, with my fingers, drenching our body's in slick female pussy juice. She then began ridding me on top until I cummed in her. After ejaculating, I told her I wanted to eat her out, so she came on top of my face, sitting on her legs, as I sucked on her pussy swallowing the gob of cum that was hanging off of her wet and messy cunt lips.  Just another way to spice it up!!!  I can’t wait to try it again! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The elusive male multiple orgasms (test trial #2)

Last night was my second attempt at attaining the mythical male multiple orgasms.  We started off with a little bit of foreplay, mainly her sucking my cock, and then we went straight to the point with penetration.  Usually we do allot more foreplay then we did but it being the week we decided to cut the fun short.  Adopting the missionary position with her legs slightly bent I thrust my cock in and out until the point of no return.  As soon as I knew that I had attained this decisive point where ejaculation becomes undeniable I pulled out very quickly and allowed myself to orgasm and ejaculate all over her pussy and belly while keeping all of my muscles relaxed with nothing touching my cock.  Once the orgasm and ejaculation where over I reinserted my penis, which was still erect, into her wet, cum covered, pussy.  Using this technique I was still able to penetrate her for a short period of time with ought the usual painful sensitivity of the penis that most males experience after ejaculation.  I was only able to keep it up for a brief duration before I lost my erection however she greatly enjoyed that short second fuck even though I was not able to ejaculate a second time.  Test trial #2 was not a success however it was not a total failure; I was able to keep on going with ought the pain, and also, I have always fantasized of eating her creampie but, unfortunately, I always end up losing interest after ejaculating.  This time I did keep interest in licking up her tasty creampie even though I did not follow on my desire to ... but I will try it next time... I promise...  I just can’t wait until test trial #3!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The elusive male multiple orgasms (test trial #1)

Have you ever mentally wanted to keep having sex all night long, however, your penis and balls end up betraying you by spewing their hot load and then it’s all over.   It happens to me all the time and that’s why I’ve been chasing the elusive male multiple orgasms for quite some time.   I’ve done allot of researching on the internet and in books to find the secret.   One of the techniques I came about involves stimulating the penis until you get to the point of no return.  You know...  it’s the point where even if you stop all stimulation you can’t stop the orgasm from coming.   Once you get to this point, with this technique, you stop all stimulation and make sure nothing is touching the penis.   During this period, you must clamp down and squeeze your PC muscles (the ones that you use to stop the flow of urine) and hold the squeeze until all orgasmic contractions stop.  Then after a few seconds you can resume stimulation.  I’ve tried this technique while masturbating and had some success and failures.  It is extremely difficult to hold the squeeze while you are having an orgasm.  Then I came about a blog that was suggesting doing the complete opposite of this technique.  That is to stimulate until the point of no return and once there, stop all stimulation and relax all your muscles, especially the PC muscles. Then, once the orgasm passes, you can continue stimulation.  I’ve tried this one also a few times while masturbating and had many successes.  I end up cumming and having a good orgasm however I stay hard and horny afterwards.  Tonight, I decided to try it for the first time while having intercourse.  During foreplay, before I even got to the intercourse where I was planning to try my technique, my wife blowed me to the point of no return by accident.  I quickly told her to stop and I relaxed all my muscles.  I ended up having the orgasmic contractions and some cum came out, yet I stayed rock hard and horny as a devil.  Then, during intercourse, I tried my technique once again.  Unfortunately, this time, I went soft and lost all sexual interest.  I think that i pulled out of her pussy too late.  Verdict...   The relaxing your muscles technique works for sure during masturbation and blowjobs, however, I have yet to be successful during intercourse.  Stay tuned to my blog for future attempts.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

World Sex News

This is my favourite website for accurate and up to date information in the world of sex.  The news ranges from sex research, sex toys, sexual experiences, news in the world of porn, sex tips and just about any other kind of news related to sex from around the world that one could ever imagine.  And best of all you can never get tired of this site because it’s updated on a daily basis.  Just click on the banner to visit World Sex News.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Must have for squirters!

There’s nothing I love more than to make my wife squirt, the more she squirts the harder I get!  If you’re into squirting, watersports or very oily massages than you absolutely need the Liberator Fascinator Throe.  It’s described as a moisture-proof sex blanket that protects your bed, sofa or chair from the mess you are about to make with your love juices or oil.  My wife and I have rigorously put this blanket to the test making her squirt copious amounts and I think it should actually be described as waterproof, it’s that good!  It sure beats the towels we use to place under her which always ended up with us having to wash our blankets.  With the Fascinator Throe we can have all the fun we want without having to wash our entire bed, just the sex blanket (it washes easily in the washer and dryer).  Best of all, since she doesn’t have to worry about making a mess, I have noticed that she squirts in much larger volumes with this Throe.  So far, this is definitely our favourite sex toy!  (For more info on the Fascinator Throe click on the image.) 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

An evening of HOT SEX almost GUARANTEED!

This one is almost guaranteed to provide an evening of mind blowing sex.  Get the movie “Pirates”, not the one from Walt Disney but the one from Digital Playground and put it on your laptop computer.  Next, get a bottle of wine with two wine cups and bring it up to bed with your laptop and your significant other.  Pirates is an excellent porn movie that even your wife will love.  It has an actual story, its hard core porn yet she will find it romantic and it has a big budget behind the movie.  The special effects are well done and the acting is somewhat descent for a porn movie.  I tried it with my wife who never wanted to watch porn and she actually loved it, she then recommended it to her friends and they also had a magical experience in bed.  However, for some odd reason, none of us ever make it to the end of the movieJ  You can get the movie from most adult stores including the one I shop online at “Love Dreamer” which is linked on the right side of my blog or go directly by clicking on the image.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

What a night!

Once the kids where in bed last night we started the evening off with a chocolate fondue and sparkling wine thinking it would set the mood for some passionate sex.  Unfortunately the chocolate burnt before we could even eat it.  Then we went up to the bedroom for some action.  As we were finishing the bubbly and watching a bit of online porn to raise the horny level through the roof, are youngest son ran in the bedroom.  Luckily he went back to sleep in his room within minutes.  We then got the fun started as my wife was wearing some very sexy lingerie that got me rock hard.  I could tell that she was also quite horny because she was plenty wet.  She then did something that made me insanely want her, she stuck a finger in her dripping wet cunt then shoved it in my mouth, although I really wish she would of licked it herself that would have been even hotter.  I then started to finger her, as she was on all fours over me, until she squirted a few times on my cock, there’s nothing I love more then to be soaked with her juices.  We use a waterproof blanket under us when I make her squirt.  Considering the fact that the blanket was already wet from all her squirting and the fact that I had to pee, I decided to let a little bit out on the blanket.  Wow it felt so good to release during foreplay that I ended up letting it all go making a huge mess on the bed since the blanket was not placed properly.  She then shoved my cock that was all slicked up with her female ejaculate into her hot pussy and rode it until I filled her with my cum. I then had allot of laundry to do as she laughed at me. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Here’s one that I think many guys can identify with.  Ever watch porn and think those dirty blowjobs look like they would feel so good however your partner only gives you the old up and down head-bob that your priest would approve of?  It almost looks like she’s at a Halloween party bobbing for apples with her hands behind her back to prevent them from getting wet.   By pure luck a while back my wife and I came upon a sex educative TV show.  In that episode a female sex educator was showing women how to give good head and boy did it ever look good.  Thankfully my wife learnt a little, such as a technique called “extending the mouth with your hand” where she wraps her hand around your cock near her mouth while she is sucking you and importantly to not to only move her hand up and down but to also twist it a little back and forth as it is going up and down the shaft at the same time as she is “head-bobing”.  I can confirm that it feels really, REALLY GOOD!  Another thing you see with blowjobs in porn is allot of saliva.  It turns me on to see all that saliva running down the shaft and balls coating his cock in a thick gooey mess.  Last night I once again communicated this fantasy to my wife and she finally tried it.  WOW!  IT WAS AMAZING!!! What a feeling...  although she can still work on adding allot more saliva, I want there to be so much of it that I can feel it running down my balls.