Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Eating My Own Cum Off Of Her Plus Snowballing

Last night I realized something when I asked my wife if I could cum on her pussy and she replied only if you lick it all off!  I have finally got her into my eating own cum fetish.  It's been more than a couple of years since I had told her that I love to eat my own cum.  At first she was grossed out and would never give into my fetish so therefore I could only enjoy it when I was masturbating.  I would ether shoot it straight into my mouth with my legs over my head or drink it from a glass but in the past year she started to let me lick it off of her.  It started with spreading my precum on her nipples then licking it off.  After that she let me cum on her tits a few times and she then let me lick some of it off, after that she started to let me eat her out after cumming in her but she didn't allow it very often.  The real fun all started when I told her I had a technique I wanted to try in order to achieve male multiple orgasms.  The technique was to pull out once I had reached the point of no return and to ejaculate all over her pussy without anything touching my cock then going down on her to lick it all up.  I tried it and it worked like magic!  I coated her pussy with a big huge load of cum then I licked and sucked her pussy clean which totally turned me on and to my surprise I kept my erection and I was still extremely horny so I then fucked her a second time on the same erection.  She really enjoyed it and it has now become something we do all the time.  She has even started to snowball me just before the Christmas vacations but we still have allot of work to do on that subject before I can call snowballing one of our common activities.  

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