Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Private Show On Skype

The other night was amazing!  As I was surfing the internet in my hotel room, being away from home for more than three weeks, I was incredibly horny.   Especially since earlier, my wife let me watch her take her bath during a video call on skype.  I was sort of frustrated that she did not even touch herself for my enjoyment during her bath, however just watching her relax naked in the water had me harder than a rock.  Once she was done her bath she bid me good night and told me she was going to bed.  I then continued surfing the net for a few hours.  It was getting pretty late, so around eleven thirty PM I was just about to shut down my computer and go take my shower before getting some sleep when a pop up appeared at the bottom of my screan.  It was a message from my wife.  I clicked to open it and read "Do you want to watch."  Holy jees!!!  Instant hard on for me!!!  I quickly video called my wife on skype and when she answered I could see a major close up of her dripping wet pussy with a vibrator inside it as she laid naked on the bed with the laptop computer between her legs.  She rubbed her pussy with her pink g-spot vibrator for a little while and then played in her drowning wet cunt with her fingers.  It was so incredibly wet and gooey that she would scoop up her cum with her fingers then raised them to the camera separating them to show me her pussy cum stretching between.  There was so much cum that the excess would run between her fingers and hang off of them in thick slimy strands of clear girl goo dangling in front of the webcam. I just wanted to lick it all up!  She then switched to her bigger vibrating dildo which resembles a real cock and pumped her pussy furiously with it.  I could hear the massive amounts of cum sloshing in her cunt as it was being pounded by the dildo.  The cum was being forced  out by the pumping action and running down her pussy lips leaving her lying in a puddle of her own cum.  She then removed the dildo and started rubbing her clit from side to side incredibly fast ending up with her squirting everywhere just like in the porn movies which I love watching, only this was even hotter because it was live and it was my wife.  I could see her squirting stream flying everywhere as her hand moved through it rubbing her clit violently.  It looked like a sprinkler watering the bed.  She then moved her face up to the camera, blew me a kiss and said "I hope you enjoyed" and then she disconnected our video call.  Unfortunately, I could not jerk off as I was watching the live show because I had a roommate in my hotel room.  Needless to say, that night, I jerked off the hugest load in the shower.  I even enjoyed licking some of it off of my fingers!  I just can't wait to get home and lick her pussy clean!!!   

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