Sunday, 1 April 2012

Snowballing : That Much Closer to a Passionate Cum Kiss!

Tonight I am one step closer to getting my wife into snowballing.  For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it is when you cum in a girls mouth and she gives it back to you with a kiss.  Tasting my own cum is one of my top fetishes, I love doing it after masturbating and even more so after cumming in my wife's pussy.  There's nothing like eating a good sloppy creampie or licking it off of her tits. (By the way, it has nothing to do with being gay.  Many guys secretly enjoy doing so but are too ashamed to admit it.  Thankfully, due to modern porn and blogs such as this one it is becoming a little less taboo.) I have been trying to get my wife into snowballing for the longest time but, unfortunately, she always refuses.  The closest I have ever gotten her to doing it was many years ago, to my request, she had spit some of it in my mouth, and this she had only done once or twice then never did it again.  What I truly fantasize about is a nice long passionate French kiss (not just spitting it in), feeling the cum slide between our tongues as we lovingly make out.  Well...  Tonight (since for me, it's every guys dreaded time of the month) I managed to get a blowjob and cum in her mouth.  Just before cumming I asked her for a snowball but as always, after I jizzed in her mouth, she spat it out on my belly. However, this time she followed it with a French kiss where I could see, then taste a little drop of cum that was hanging off of her lips and also the remnants that were still in her mouth even after spitting!  Although it wasn't the big messy and gooey passionate snowball I had hoped for, it was still enjoyable and it suggests that I am that much closer to getting her into snowballing! 


  1. hey this is larry696 from ccm forum - hot story, i think we are in the same boat - i have asked a few times for it but nothing yet, i have tasted myself after cumming in her mouth and eaten my cum out of her pussy but the much anticipated long awaited snowball has not happend yet. i've asked twice in the past and she has not done it. she will swallow though but i am sure she doesn't like the taste cause she will spit it out or even let it drool down the sides of my cock.

  2. my gf loves snowballing me.. it was her idea! she has a dominate side im trying to tap into. she calls them cummy kisses. then she holds my throat until ive swallowed it all. very hot!