The Headmaster

I've just tested the Pipedream Pump worx  Mini Head Teazer a.k.a "TheHeadmaster" thanks to the good people at Good Vibes.  
Pipedream boasts that it feels just like a real blowjob -- only better!  Well I couldn't wait to try it.  I must admit even though it is a simple little toy, it took me a while to figure out how to use it.  I thought it worked like a penis pump and I just could never get a seal because it was too big for my average sized penis (even though I am not blond, that was my dumb blond moment).  After a while it dawned on me that the way to use it was not like you would with a regular penis pump but more like a masturbator.  What you have to do is squeeze the bulb for it to create suction on the inner sleeve, then using ample amounts of lube, slide your penis in and out of the textured sleeve which molds around your penis due to the suction of the squeeze-bulb. 
Even though my penis was very sensitive due to the fact that I had sex twice the night before I still enjoyed the feeling of this toy.  By varying the moment where I would squeeze and when I would release the suction bulb I could somewhat mimic a blowjob.  As I was thrusting my penis in and out of the sleeve air would escape between the plastic tube and the sleeve creating loud fart sounds.  At first the noise was turning me off but then I noticed that when the air escaped, creating what really sounded like loud pussy farts, a really enjoyable vibration could be felt on my cock.  I started sliding it up and down really fast and before I knew it, I was cumming.  
The Headmaster can also double as a nipple pump (or on any other body part you would like to give a little bit of suction to).  It is made of strong clear plastic (ABS), with a soft silicone inner sleeve.  The construction is fairly rugged and best of all this toy is extremely easy to clean.  It also comes with a great silicone cock ring that offers just the right amount of squeezing on an average sized penis in order to make it swell up huge.  
With lots of lube, the Headmaster does feel somewhat like a blowjob but not better as stated by the manufacturer.  After enjoying my orgasm with the Headmaster, I give it a 6 out 10 feeling wise and a 8 out of 10 construction wise (it lost two points on construction because I wish the silicone was slightly softer and It would have been good if they would of included a valve on the squeeze-bulb which would keep the suction without having to hold the bulb).  Thanks again to Good Vibes for providing me with this toy for a review.

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