Sunday, 15 April 2012

Multiple Orgasm Attempt Plus Squirting And Creampie Eating

Last night I started the evening off by making my wife and I some cocktails as we watched a good Canadian movie.  We then took our showers and jumped into our bed which is equipped with a waterproof blanket protecting the mattress.  I brought the laptop into bed with me and we watched some YouPorn together.  After a while she started sucking me and it felt incredibly good.  As she was sucking I began fingering her to make her feel good and also to take my mind away from the incredible blowjob I was receiving in order not to cum to quickly.  Doing something else when I get close helps me to avoid ruining the fun by cumming to quickly because it makes me concentrate on what I am doing instead of what I am feeling.  She sucked until I could not hold it back anymore so I then told her to stop and she turned and lay down on her back.  I then went into make her squirt mode and stimulated her G-spot until jets of female cum where squirting out of her pussy.  She was not just gushing but instead she was shooting long continuous streams like a super soaker water gun.  Kneeling between her legs I could feel these spurts of girl cum hit my body and some streams even flying over my shoulder, over the bed and wetting the floor.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  I would often move my cock to a position where it would get hit full force by one of her squirts of female ejaculation and I would jerk it off as it was getting soaked.   Only once the fountain of youth was completely drained of its last drop, she moved into position lying down with her pussy on the edge of the bed as I lustfully took her cunt standing on the side of the bed.  I pumped and pounded that pussy as she was moaning until I was on the edge of no return.  I quickly pulled out and rubbed my cock between her pussy lips like a hot dog in a bun as spurts of cum glazed her pussy.  I waited for my orgasmic contractions to subside and looked down at her hot cunt.  I could see a huge gob of white cum sitting on her pussy lips so I moved down and sucked it all up.  It tasted so good!  Still sporting a hard-on I shoved it back in and fucked her for some more but never made it to a second orgasm.  Getting close though!!!

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