Sunday, 27 October 2013

Jewel Raider

Last night my wife and I continued on our quest to find another good, couples friendly, porn that is as fun and exciting as Pirates XXX.  The movie we watched was "Jewel Raider" released in 2001.  This movie was directed by Jay Jeff and stars Venus (Angelica Costello as "Laura Croft."
Even though I find Venus quite hot, this movie didn't really do it for neither of us.  The sex scenes were long and not very sensual, there wasn't much of a storyline, it was cheaply produced and wasn't very interesting.  In one of the scenes, the male actor wouldn't stop breathing loudly which didn't sound very good in the microphone.  In another scene, one of the lamps wouldn't stop making some sort of an annoying noise distracting from the action.

Although it was nowhere near being in the same class as Pirates XXX and didn't sexually titillate us as we hoped it would, we did manage to have some good sex while watching it!