Sunday, 19 August 2012

Drinking Her Golden Nectar

Last night she gave me the most incredible sex experience in the shower!  She let me drink from her as it splashed all over my face and body! I had been asking her to let me do so in the shower for a very long time.  On two occasions she invited me into the shower and let me kneel down between her legs with my mouth waiting as she tried to let go but nothing came out.  This time she really had to go, as soon as I got down and opened my mouth on her pussy she let go flooding my mouth with a torrent to the point of overflowing.  I could feel the warm liquid run down my lips, chin and neck splashing down on my cock bellow.  I was so thirsty for her golden nectar that it wasn't long before I started gulping it down.  It tasted so good and warm that I am getting hard right now just writing about it!  I drank so much of it, and when my mouth was filling faster than I could swallow, I would rub her pussy with my fingers directly in the stream making it splash all over my face and body!  I just can't wait to do it again!


  1. Would love to find a woman that would let me drink her golden nectars. Love the taste of it, could never drink enough. Especially a woman that is turned on by giving a man her golden nectars.

  2. You just have to convince them that it is absolutely safe and natural activity in a long term relationship. Once you convince her to try it, then you have to teach her to relax and enjoy the feeling of the relief of letting go.