Friday, 21 December 2012

New Toys To Masturbate and Have Sex With

Hooray!  Guess what my wife gave me for Christmas?  Two Tenga masturbation eggs and a Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Cock Cage.  She also got herself a little present...  Nipple clamps!  Unfortunately It arrived in the mail the day before leaving for our holidays, so therefore we will have to wait to return home before getting to try out our new toys.  I can't wait to give them a go!  I will update my blog once we get to try them out.  

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Masturbation With Fleshlight

This week I did allot of masturbating! Late at night, after work I would sit down with the laptop and slowly stroke my cock as I would watch, check porn pictures on Twitter or chat on and  I had some good orgasms but none as good as last night with my Fleshlight!  It just feels so incredible!  You can't even imagine how good until you actually try one for yourself.  It felt so good that I drew it out as long as I could before allowing myself to orgasm and ejaculate, filling my Fleshlight with spurt after spurt of my hot cum.  It actually does feel better than a real pussy!  It feels so good that my cock gets incredibly sensitive after jizzing and I have to wait a few seconds before withdrawing because it's just way too sensitive.  Even though I love masturbating, tomorrow the weekend starts and I can't wait to have some good hardcore sex!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snowballing: Cum Kissing In The Morning

This morning I woke up so incredibly horny!  It was probably due to the fact that I hadn't cummed in more than a couple of days plus the fact that my wife had been playing with my cock the past three days but never finishing the job.  This morning I was determined to cum or else I would spend the rest of the day with only one thing on my mind!  After we woke up we both brushed our teeth and then went back to bed where my wife started to suck on my incredibly hard and sensitive cock.  It felt so amazingly good!  I was so turned on that I could only think of how much I wanted to taste my own delicious cum.  I absolutely love the taste and I can never get enough of it.  Feeling that I was getting close to the edge, I told my wife that I was so hungry for my own cum and wanted her to snowball me.  I specifically told her to make sure not to lose a single drop because I wanted it all.  Just talking about it always brings me over the edge and before I knew it I was filling her mouth with my hot gooey load.  She immediately moved up and let the load leak out from her lips falling straight down into my mouth.  Some of it landed on my tongue and a little on my chin.  I then pulled her head down so that I could make out with her and enjoy sharing the cum back and forth while kissing passionately.  Unfortunately she does not like the taste of jizz so the kissing did not last very long but every time she would pull away I would pull her back in kissing some more.  I sort of liked it when she would pull away from our kissing because I could see strings of my cum stretching between our lips and chins.  At one point a strand of her hair got  glazed in the cum mess on my chin which made us both laugh like crazy.  I swallowed every single drop she gave me and savored the taste.  In my opinion, snowballing is one of the most passionate and erotic activities a couple can enjoy.  I hope she does it to me again soon!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Eating Some Gooey Cum Covered Pussy While Sex Chatting

Last night we had an early morning rise that morning so we were quite tired but not too tired for sex!  After our showers we hit the bed with my laptop and started watching some but we quickly switched over to where I introduced my wife to the whole concept of chatting while having sex.  Needless to say we had lots of fun!  I had to explain to her the whole concept of tipping to see what you want and how moderation works.  We chose a couple that where having fun on camera and we watched them as we played with each other and we also laughed at some of the comments people where making.  We also typed and chatted but we had more fun just watching and getting turned on as we masturbated each other.  Luckily others were tipping so we got to see her give him a good sensual blowjob then he ate her out followed by some 69 and then some fucking.  It was hot and I was hard just from watching but when my wife started sucking my cock as I fingered her while the couple on camera engaged in oral sex, my cock grew insanely rock hard and incredibly sensitive.  The closer I got to cumming the harder I fingered her because doing so slowed down her sucking.  When I could just take no more before jizzing everywhere, I told her to stop and then she jumped on top of me and we started fucking.  After just a few thrusts I was already on the edge so I told her that if she let me eat her creampie that I would fuck her a second time after.  She answered go ahead, therefore I got on top and pumped in and out of her pussy until my orgasmic contractions started.  As soon as I knew that I was past the point of no return I quickly pulled out and cummed all over the top of her pussy lips without touching my cock.  Those hot cunt lips where glazed in my thick white cum which I quickly started to suck on and lick tasting and swallowing all of my gooey cum load as she moaned and quivered from the oral stimulation.  I cleaned them with my mouth until there wasn't a single little drop of my yummy cum left on her lips.  I was so excited from eating my creampie that I never lost my hard erection, in fact it was even harder than before so I started fucking her a second time for her enjoyment.