Saturday, 14 January 2012

The elusive male multiple orgasms (test trial #1)

Have you ever mentally wanted to keep having sex all night long, however, your penis and balls end up betraying you by spewing their hot load and then it’s all over.   It happens to me all the time and that’s why I’ve been chasing the elusive male multiple orgasms for quite some time.   I’ve done allot of researching on the internet and in books to find the secret.   One of the techniques I came about involves stimulating the penis until you get to the point of no return.  You know...  it’s the point where even if you stop all stimulation you can’t stop the orgasm from coming.   Once you get to this point, with this technique, you stop all stimulation and make sure nothing is touching the penis.   During this period, you must clamp down and squeeze your PC muscles (the ones that you use to stop the flow of urine) and hold the squeeze until all orgasmic contractions stop.  Then after a few seconds you can resume stimulation.  I’ve tried this technique while masturbating and had some success and failures.  It is extremely difficult to hold the squeeze while you are having an orgasm.  Then I came about a blog that was suggesting doing the complete opposite of this technique.  That is to stimulate until the point of no return and once there, stop all stimulation and relax all your muscles, especially the PC muscles. Then, once the orgasm passes, you can continue stimulation.  I’ve tried this one also a few times while masturbating and had many successes.  I end up cumming and having a good orgasm however I stay hard and horny afterwards.  Tonight, I decided to try it for the first time while having intercourse.  During foreplay, before I even got to the intercourse where I was planning to try my technique, my wife blowed me to the point of no return by accident.  I quickly told her to stop and I relaxed all my muscles.  I ended up having the orgasmic contractions and some cum came out, yet I stayed rock hard and horny as a devil.  Then, during intercourse, I tried my technique once again.  Unfortunately, this time, I went soft and lost all sexual interest.  I think that i pulled out of her pussy too late.  Verdict...   The relaxing your muscles technique works for sure during masturbation and blowjobs, however, I have yet to be successful during intercourse.  Stay tuned to my blog for future attempts.

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