Sunday, 8 January 2012

An evening of HOT SEX almost GUARANTEED!

This one is almost guaranteed to provide an evening of mind blowing sex.  Get the movie “Pirates”, not the one from Walt Disney but the one from Digital Playground and put it on your laptop computer.  Next, get a bottle of wine with two wine cups and bring it up to bed with your laptop and your significant other.  Pirates is an excellent porn movie that even your wife will love.  It has an actual story, its hard core porn yet she will find it romantic and it has a big budget behind the movie.  The special effects are well done and the acting is somewhat descent for a porn movie.  I tried it with my wife who never wanted to watch porn and she actually loved it, she then recommended it to her friends and they also had a magical experience in bed.  However, for some odd reason, none of us ever make it to the end of the movieJ  You can get the movie from most adult stores including the one I shop online at “Love Dreamer” which is linked on the right side of my blog or go directly by clicking on the image.


  1. Having had so much sexual fun watching pirates, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity for another evening of bliss watching Pirates 2 Stagnetti’s Revenge. Lying down in bed with our laptop, my wife in lingerie with her glass of wine and myself naked with a few glasses of rum and coke sporting a hard on that was rubbing against our satin sheets, we watched yet again the highest quality in porn. Once again, since the sex scenes are so hot yet romantic enough that your wife will also enjoy it, we did not make it to the end of the movie. I definitely give, Pirates 2 Stagnetti's Revenge, 2 thumbs up plus a giant erection way up! Continuing on our little couple’s porn adventure I later got my hands on a copy of Top Guns, the porn movie not the one with Tom Cruise. Being huge fans of the original Hollywood Top Gun we had a great time laughing at the parody side of Top Guns, however the romance and good sex scenes where no where nearly as good as the Pirates movies. Consequently, for once we actually made it to the end of the movie with ought getting lost in hot dirty passionate sex in the middle of the movie. That being said I still give Top Guns two thumbs up just no erection.