Thursday, 13 December 2012

Masturbation With Fleshlight

This week I did allot of masturbating! Late at night, after work I would sit down with the laptop and slowly stroke my cock as I would watch, check porn pictures on Twitter or chat on and  I had some good orgasms but none as good as last night with my Fleshlight!  It just feels so incredible!  You can't even imagine how good until you actually try one for yourself.  It felt so good that I drew it out as long as I could before allowing myself to orgasm and ejaculate, filling my Fleshlight with spurt after spurt of my hot cum.  It actually does feel better than a real pussy!  It feels so good that my cock gets incredibly sensitive after jizzing and I have to wait a few seconds before withdrawing because it's just way too sensitive.  Even though I love masturbating, tomorrow the weekend starts and I can't wait to have some good hardcore sex!

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