Friday, 3 February 2012

Becoming multi orgasmic attempt # 3 plus eating own cum

While we were trying a new position called “Magic Mountain” my wife decided to lay completely down instead of resting on her forearms and start masturbating by rubbing her clit with my penis still in her.  What a view this offered me.  In this position, it was like watching live porn.  Her finger not being enough she lubed up her pussy and took out her vibrating dolphin to bring her ecstasy to new heights.  I had a front row seat of her pulsating cunt with my penis inside feeling every contraction.  Once the intense pleasure was too much for her to handle she put away the dolphin and I took over.  I had her get on all fours in the doggy style position, however, instead of having my legs in between hers I told her to keep her knees together and this time she was the one to have her legs between mine.  Wow! What a difference.  With her legs together it squeezed her pussy lips together and made her incredibly tight.  It felt like the first times we had sex back in high school.  I actually had trouble getting it in because it was so tight.  We then moved on to the side of the bed and with my wife laying on her back and her legs spread apart in the air on the edge of the mattress I was standing on the floor and penetrated her from this position.  I was getting close to cumming so I decided to try my third attempt at becoming multi orgasmic with ought losing my erection.  I pumped my cock in and out of her vagina until I got to the point of no return, I then pulled out very quickly and ejaculated all over her pussy and belly while relaxing all of my muscles.  As soon as I stoped cumming, I shoved my cock wich was still hard back in and was able to continue having sex.  Unfortunately after approximately 30 seconds of penetrating her for the second time on the same erection, my wife’s pussy was getting sore so she asked me to stop, therefore, I did not get to find out if I would of ejaculated twice in a row.  Since I was still horny, I licked up some of the cum I shot on her belly.  I am really starting to like cleaning up my mess!