Trojan Multi-Position 5.3 Torsion Vibrator

Tonight my wife and I tested the Trojan Vibrations MidnightCollection multi-position 5.3  torsion vibrator which was provided to us by the good people at Good Vibes for review.  This vibrator features five speeds plus three pulses and a medical grade phthalate-free silicone tip that can be twisted in 4 distinct positions.  It uses two AA batteries that are easily inserted in the handle and is water-resistant to use in the shower or if you end up squirting all over it.  My wife really liked the color and look of it.  

When we first turned it on we where both impressed by the powerful vibrations it offered compared to some of her other vibrators. She first tried to insert it in her vagina without any added lube. But due to its five inches circumference at the tip and its silicone skin cover, she ended up having to lube it up.  Once in, she played with the different tip positions noting that it stimulated different parts of her vagina as she twisted it around.  The different handle positions provide two benefits: number one, as stated above it provides the ability to stimulate different points inside the vagina and number two, it allows to place the handle in a comfortable position to ergonomically hold on to it.  We found that for internal stimulation, the position which resembles the letter C was the best, and for external clitoral stimulation the S position provided good contact with the clitoris while providing a well positioned handle. 

The tip has five prominent ridges on one side which are great when using externally for clitoral stimulation but my wife found them slightly painful when using it internally, however, she does think she would probably enjoy those ridges internally on a night where she is extremely horny!  

As stated in the instructions, this vibrator is not for anal use.  The tip is a little large to be inserted anally, that being said, if you enjoy inserting larger objects and decide to disregard the caution in the instructions, make sure to slip a condom over it.  This is especially important if used anally, since this vibrator has a groove where the silicone meets the plastic and an even larger one where the tip twists from the handle in different positions.  If not cleaned properly, these areas can become hiding places for bacteria.  As with most sex toys these problems are easily eliminated with good hygienic practices ( i.e.  cleaning the toy before and after with antibacterial soap or covering it with a condom for easy cleaning). 

We did find the motor a little bit loud and we also did notice a faint rattling sound coming from the handle but nothing to be too worried about, we have enjoyed louder vibrators and even they never managed to wake up the kids or neighbour...  As far as we know???
My wife really loved the fact that it came with a nice storing pouch which is quite convenient if you want to carry it somewhere or just want to store it somewhat discretely in, let's just say for example, somewhere like your sock drawer.   Aside from the fact that my wife found it a little girthy to her liking and to what she is used to, we both enjoyed this new toy and we will definitely continue to experiment with it.  We give the Trojan Torsion vibrator two thumbs up!     

     A great big thank you to Good Vibrations Sex Toys for providing this toy for review!!!

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