Monday, 9 January 2012

Must have for squirters!

There’s nothing I love more than to make my wife squirt, the more she squirts the harder I get!  If you’re into squirting, watersports or very oily massages than you absolutely need the Liberator Fascinator Throe.  It’s described as a moisture-proof sex blanket that protects your bed, sofa or chair from the mess you are about to make with your love juices or oil.  My wife and I have rigorously put this blanket to the test making her squirt copious amounts and I think it should actually be described as waterproof, it’s that good!  It sure beats the towels we use to place under her which always ended up with us having to wash our blankets.  With the Fascinator Throe we can have all the fun we want without having to wash our entire bed, just the sex blanket (it washes easily in the washer and dryer).  Best of all, since she doesn’t have to worry about making a mess, I have noticed that she squirts in much larger volumes with this Throe.  So far, this is definitely our favourite sex toy!  (For more info on the Fascinator Throe click on the image.) 

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