Friday, 27 July 2012

Eating My Own Cum While Masturbating

Last night was my b-day and my wife told me she would be waiting in bed with my b-day present when I would return from work!  Unfortunately I finished late and by the time I got home she was well asleep.  I had spent all day plus the day before thinking about the sex that I was going to get and I did allot of edging to get myself incredibly horny.  Since she was sleeping and I was more than horny, I spent the rest of the night masturbating while surfing the internet.  I looked at porn while slowly stroking my amazingly hard cock.  I just wanted to cum so bad but I would always stop just before to keep the fun going and to build up the biggest load of cum ever.  My cock was burning and pulsating in my hand just waiting to release that thick creamy load.  I also took out my electro shock therapy kit and placed the pads on my cock, balls and nipples. It felt incredible but it didn't make me cum!  After a good hour of shock play I removed the kit and started stroking again while watching porn on and and looking at hot pictures on Twitter.  Since I had been looking at porn involving lots of cum, I just had the hugest craving for a good load of jizz in my mouth.  I was licking up all of my pre-cum while masturbating and savouring the taste just thinking of that hot gooey load that I was about to swallow.  The pressure building up in my balls was incredible!   That was it, I could not take it anymore!  I layed on the ground and threw my legs up and over my head with the tip of my cock pointing directly from up above at my open mouth shooting the biggest load covering my tongue and lips with hot goo as I continued stroking my cock! It was such a big load that it seemed to never end, the more I stroked it the more the long streams of cum continued to shoot out, filling my mouth to the point of overflowing.  When I finally stopped cumming, I got up and played with the cum in my mouth, rolling it around my tongue, feeling its thickness and clumpinness. I also enjoyed blowing cum bubbles.  I then finished by swallowing it and milked a few more drops of cum from my cock which I gladly licked off using my finger.  Delicious!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Messy And Wet Blowjob ( spit on my cock and balls )

I always tell my wife to cover my cock and balls with her saliva when blowing me but she always says that she is trying to but her mouth is to dry!  It really frustrates me because it felt so good the few time's she did in the past!  Finally last night I can guarantee you her mouth was far from dry.  She would spit on my cock then move her lips down it while stroking it and then she would spit on it some more and continued sucking while spreading and rubbing her spit all over my cock and balls.  As she was blowing me she would let the saliva leak out of the sides of her mouth running down my cock and collecting at the base of my nuts, she would then cup my balls and spread all that saliva making them extremely wet and slippery.  All this sucking, spitting and rubbing made for one incredibly wet, slippery and gooey mess that felt so amazing resulting in one out of this world orgasm!  

Friday, 13 July 2012

Eating Delicious Creampie!

Two nights ago I was so horny!  The reason is that I hadn't cummed in a couple of nights!  Since it was late and we had to work early the next morning we did not have one of our usual one hour long sex sessions.  This time it was what I would call a quicky, although for many it would probably be a usual sex session!  She sucked on my cock and boy did it ever feel good!  As she was tasting my cock I gently fingered her wet pussy!  After a while we started fucking with her on top but then I quickly changed positions having her lay on her back with her pussy next to the edge of the bed as I stood on the side and I then penetrated her deeply with her legs over my shoulders.  I love watching my hard cock go in and out of her dripping wet pussy!  Being so horny I had one thing in mind and that was eating a good, fresh creampie.  I fucked her hard until I felt I could no longer hold back my ejaculation and at that very moment I pulled out and let my cock explode all over her pussy covering it with a thick gooey topping of white cum.  It looked so delicious!  I admired my thick load on her pussy and then I moved down to lick it all up!  It was so amazingly delicious!  I cannot even begin to explain just how much I love the taste and texture of my hot cum mixed in with her pussy juices.  Feeling the lumpy, gooey, thick and salty cum on my tongue sliding down my throat as I sucked it off of her labia makes me so incredibly horny that I kept my erection and slid it back in her pussy to pound her a second time but unfortunately she said it was getting late and she had enough of sex for that night!  Just thinking of my delicious load gets me so hard and I can't wait to taste it again!

Monday, 2 July 2012

You Sometimes Have To Be Careful While Having Sex

Last night I was so incredibly horny!  We started off by watching a little bit of porn then we did a we little bit of watersports in the shower.  I basically knelt under my wifes pussy while she gave me a little bit of her piss as I sucked on her cunt.  I love the taste!  We then took it to the bedroom where my wife wore her hot fuck me socks.  Since she had a knot in her back, I gave her a good massage with vanilla scented oil.   In return she gave me some hot sucking, often spitting on my cock and balls then spreading it around with her hand creating an unbelievable feeling!  As always I enjoyed fingering her hitting the magic orgasm spots which are the clit, the AFE zone and the G-spot.  However this time I added a new spot I thought of, the urethral opening.   With a little bit of playing around I was actually able to stick the tip of my pinky finger in there!  She said it felt really good however the next day it didn't feel so good and there was a little bit of bleeding!  I am sure the urologist would greatly disapprove of this act.  It probably isn't a good idea to try it! It can lead to injury and infection.  Try rubbing around it but don't stick your finger in!  We fucked for a while then we tried some anal penetration.   I had allot of trouble getting it in plus it wasn't feeling good for her, she told me it hurt a bit so I pulled out right away and since we were in the doggy position I finished myself off by hand and cummed all over her but cheeks.   The huge, thick, white load covering her left but cheek looked so good that I decided to lick it all up.  Mmmmmmmm.... Delicious!