Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Masturbating While Chatting Online

Let me tell you about a website I've been enjoying quite a bit lately.  I discovered the fun of over the summer and I've been visiting it frequently since.  There slogan is "The act of masturbating while chatting online."  Its lots of fun!  First of all, you get to watch others masturbate or have sex on web cam and if you feel like it you can chat with them all totally free.  If someone really turns you on, you do have the option of tipping them.  Second of all, if you are an exhibitionist, you can broadcast yourself on webcam and have the possibility of earning tips!  There are different categories: couples, female, male and transsexual.  Registering is free and discrete.  With all this said, I do wish to add a word of caution.  Always use the internet responsibly, meaning:  never engage in sexual conversations with anyone who is under the legal age.  People can easily lie about their ages on the internet so if you have the slightest suspicion that they are not of legal age, do not engage in anything with them.  Also, if you choose to broadcast yourself, remember that you never know the intention of your viewers.  People can easily record what they see on their monitors, so if what you show could cause you irreparable damage if it ever gets displayed somewhere else or if someone recognizes you, then you should really think it over before putting it out there.   Like I said earlier, if used responsibly it is allot of fun and is a great way to expand your sexual life and maybe even make some friends.  For example, when I get home from night shift and my wife is sleeping which means I'm not getting any sex or companionship from her, then I go and get off on and she is ok with that.  Try it and have fun, but be responsible!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Quickies Without Cumming (Stop and Go Sex)

While vacationing I found a new sex activity that we both really enjoyed!  I'm not one that is into quickies because I love to first take our showers so that we can then have some good foreplay involving lots of oral sex.  A normal sex session for us lasts at least 45 minutes.  That being said sometimes my wife would like a quickie during the day but I always refuse because I don't want to waste my extreme ''hornyness'' saved up for our long nightly sex session on some quickie.  For once, during our vacation, I decided to accept a quickie during the day but I promised myself that I would stop just before cumming so that my sex drive would not go down for our long passionate sex session that was to take place later that night.  WOW!  It was fun and felt really good to have sex with the women that I love to the point of cumming but to stop just before, and then go on with our daily activities while still feeling my cock pulsate and tingle from our no cumming stop and go sex.  We enjoyed it so much that we started doing it every day of our vacation!  That way she got her quickies, I got lots and lots of sex plus I stayed unbelievably horny for our long nightly sex sessions!  

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sex In The Tub (blowjobs, eating pussy, squirting and watersports)

Sex in a jacuzzi is extremely hot and fun especially if you don't put allot of water in it.  All that you need is a few inches of warm water and then lay back with your girlfriend plus some wine and enjoy!  Why just a few inches of water you might ask?  It's simple; it allows you to have oral sex and to feel her squirt all over your body while enjoying the heat and wetness of the water.  She can even keep on her lingerie to make it a little more exciting and slowly get it wet.  I like to make my wife sit on the edge and make her squirt into the tub.  Since she's not scared of making a mess in the jacuzzi, she ends up squirting allot more cum and farther.  While she sits on the edge she not only likes to squirt but she also likes to pour some wine on her pussy for me to lick all up.  The mix of wine and pussy tasted so incredibly good! 
Using only a few inches of water is not only good for the environment but it also allows for some good golden shower experiences in the jacuzzi.  As I lay there in the tub with my raging hard-on, she stands over me with a leg on each side and pisses all over my awaiting cock while I stroke it wildly.  Since a golden shower always makes me thirsty, I can bend up to lap some of it as it sprays out of her pussy.  And after all the fun is finished, clean up in the tub is so easy, just splash a little of the water on you where you are dirty, then drain the tub!