Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Best Way To Start Foreplay And Sex!

I swear to god that the best way to start a good session of sex is to have her read a dirty book!  Sceptic?  Just try it, and there's a very good chance that she will be wetter and hornier than you will ever have experienced.  For us, it all started when I was away for a month and prior to leaving I left her a copy of a novel written by Colette Gale which is an erotic version of The Phantom of the Opera entitled ''Unmasked''.  She would read it at night then she would call me on video Skype and show me just how wet and horny she was (wet is actually an understatement when she reads erotic novels).  Once I returned home, before getting dirty, she would read a few more pages of ''Unmasked'' and then we would have mind blowing sex!  Following on that lead I also bought her the new erotic best seller ''Fifty Shades Of Grey''.  Though not as dirty as ''Unmasked'', it still does the job and gets her dripping wet and horny!  I can't guarantee that erotic novels will work for every woman out there but I do know that chances are on your side, it should work.  Let me know of your experiences and of any novels you might recommend to get her wet.

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