Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Squirting : The Female Ejaculation

AAAhhh!!!  The legendary and mysterious female ejaculation, better known as squirting.  I have many fetishes but one my favourite ones is squirting and watersports.  There is no better feeling and nothing more sexually exciting than having a girl standing or kneeling over you, wetting your penis, balls, chest and face with her squirting pussy.  The feel of the liquid soaking your cock and balls and the excess juice running down your inner thighs and down the sides of your belly, and if you are lucky enough to get her to do it on your face, it’s an amazing feeling when it runs down your cheeks and neck wetting the blanket underneath you.  There is a large debate whether it is ejaculate or just plain urine, whichever it is, I could not care less because I love them both.  However I am quite certain that there is such a thing as female ejaculate because sometimes when she squirts it is a totally clear liquid that is so sweet it is better than candy and tastes nor smells anything like urine.  Other times when she squirts I am quite sure that there is at least some urine in there but I love it just as much!  I am a strong believer that all girls can squirt, they just have to open their minds to the idea and lose the fear of urinating during stimulation. 
First step if you want to turn her into a squirter you must
open up the subject with her before even trying.  You must let her know that it is absolutely normal and ok for girls to do this.  You must also let her know not to resist letting go when you are stimulating her and she gets that intense feeling of needing to urinate, she must learn to just let go and accept that she will make a mess of fluids on the bed and hopefully on you.  Also very important, make sure to reassure her that even if she does urinate in the process that it is ok and that it actually would turn you on big time.  From my experience, I found that even after talking to her about all of this she didn’t open up to the idea until we watched some porn with allot of huge squirt scenes in it.  She was amazed by what she saw and I made sure to tell her how much it turned me on to see a girl squirt.
Second step, you must learn the technique.  It’s all about the G-spot!  Whether you believe it exists or you believe the weird scientists who came up with a recent study denying it’s existence stating that it is only the continuation of nerves from the clit and other places, the important thing, and this I can guarantee that there is something there.  It is located on the anterior wall inside the vagina about two to three inches from the opening.  It is a soft yet rough patch of tissue that feels a little like the roof of your mouth, only softer.  First get her sexually excited with a massage, candles, a movie or music, some wine (getting her tipsy definitely helps).  Then start stimulating her starting with her breasts then her inner thighs followed by her clit.  Once you notice that she is quite excited, usually noticeable by her pussy being extremely wet, start alternating your stimulation by applying some pressure to her G-spot with the tip of your two middle fingers in a motion as if you were signalling someone to come over and after a few seconds returning to stimulating her clitoris.  Keep alternating between her clit and her G-spot until you feel that rough patch inside her begin to swell up and get juicier.   At that point you can concentrate mainly on her G-spot pressing firmly on it with the tip of your fingers and releasing at at very quick frequency.  As her G-spot will continue to swell up so will the inside’s of her pussy.  It will feel as if the entire inside of her vagina is ballooning around your hand.  That is when you know that she is about to squirt.  Don’t forget to constantly tell her while you are stimulating her that even if she feels an incredible urge to pee to simply give into it and to just relax and let it go, it will be the most amazing orgasm!
One important tip that can really help to get her over the fear of wetting the bed is to put thick towels or blankets that you can just through into the wash after she soaks them.  My wife and I enjoy squirting good sex so much that we bought a moisture proof blanket designed especially for this activity.  That way she can concentrate on squirting and not worry about wetting our bed.  If this blanket interests you just follow the linked image bellow to one of my favourite suppliers.
P.S. Don’t forget to lick her pussy clean after she squirts and savour all the juices.  Have fun improving your SEX LIFE!!!

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