Monday, 2 July 2012

You Sometimes Have To Be Careful While Having Sex

Last night I was so incredibly horny!  We started off by watching a little bit of porn then we did a we little bit of watersports in the shower.  I basically knelt under my wifes pussy while she gave me a little bit of her piss as I sucked on her cunt.  I love the taste!  We then took it to the bedroom where my wife wore her hot fuck me socks.  Since she had a knot in her back, I gave her a good massage with vanilla scented oil.   In return she gave me some hot sucking, often spitting on my cock and balls then spreading it around with her hand creating an unbelievable feeling!  As always I enjoyed fingering her hitting the magic orgasm spots which are the clit, the AFE zone and the G-spot.  However this time I added a new spot I thought of, the urethral opening.   With a little bit of playing around I was actually able to stick the tip of my pinky finger in there!  She said it felt really good however the next day it didn't feel so good and there was a little bit of bleeding!  I am sure the urologist would greatly disapprove of this act.  It probably isn't a good idea to try it! It can lead to injury and infection.  Try rubbing around it but don't stick your finger in!  We fucked for a while then we tried some anal penetration.   I had allot of trouble getting it in plus it wasn't feeling good for her, she told me it hurt a bit so I pulled out right away and since we were in the doggy position I finished myself off by hand and cummed all over her but cheeks.   The huge, thick, white load covering her left but cheek looked so good that I decided to lick it all up.  Mmmmmmmm.... Delicious!