Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fetish Roll Playing ( My wife being a shemale)

Even though I consider myself straight, I must say I have a huge fantasy of sucking a big hard cock and feeling it explode inside of my mouth.  I am not turned on by men at all, but cocks totally turn me on! (A note to those who might think it is weird: I can guarantee you that it is quite common for men to have such a fetish.  If you don't believe me just check out how many shemale sights there are on the net.)  Although I have never said it to my wife I think she kind of knows.  The other night while we were having sex, she sat on top of my cock while I was lying down making it look like she was a hot shemale with a delicious looking hard cock sticking out.  I told her it looked so good and that it was totally turning me on, so she then ordered me to stroke her big hard cock as she got into her roll of a hot tranny.  As I excitedly jerked her off, she moaned and instructed me to stroke it harder and faster because she wanted to cum all over me.  Hearing her say that made me harder than you could ever imagine.  I so wanted to bend forward and suck her cock!  It was as if the hottest shemale was sitting on top of me and I was stroking her off watching her tits bounce with every hard stroke.  It really wasn't long before she (or should I say I) started shooting streams of thick gooey cum all over my belly.  WOW, that was so much fun and exciting!  I hope she does it again some time!

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