Sunday, 20 January 2013

Multiple Orgasms

WOW!  Last night was fun!  Lots of squirting, teabagging, sucking and multiple orgasms.  We started the night off watching the movie Hysteria.  It's about the invention of the vibrator and no it's not a cheesy b-movie it's actually a big production and it was actually good.  We then hit the bed at around one A.M., and as all good sex nights we brought the laptop with us to watch some porn as we got it on.  While my wife was in the shower I watched golden showers and watersports videos but once she joined me in bed she wanted videos with cocks in it so we switched videos and as the girl sucked off the guy, my wife started sucking my hard cock.  While she gave me some wonderful head complete with ball cupping I was fingering her pussy.  I always make sure to stimulate her AFE zone because that makes for some huge squirting latter on and she really, really, really enjoys having it stimulated.  (For those who don't know what the AFE zone is, it's the area all around the cervix)  With my pinky, I also gently fingered her tight little piss hole or more technically known as the opening off the urethra (urinary meatus).   I then played with her clit and G-spot as she squirted and squirted, soaking our waterproof blanket beneath us.  She was so horny that she sucked me like crazy, she even sucked my balls like there was no tomorrow.  It felt so amazingly good to have both of my nuts in her mouth as she stroke my rock hard cock that was all lubed up with her saliva as I felt all of her squirt leak out off her pussy, down my hand and arm.  In fact it felt so good that I cummed all over my belly.  Even though I had jizzed my wife was still horny and she started rubbing my cum all over her tits and that kept me rock hard.  I kept on playing with her pussy but my cock went soft, however she was so horny that she didn't give up.  She licked up some of my cum and started kissing me passionately with it.  That was enough to get me hard again and we started fucking.  It took a long time for me to cum a second time but since I was desensitized from the first orgasm, I was able to pound her long and hard which she extremely enjoyed!     

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