Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve

The Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve...  WOW!  This little thing is great!  My wife gave me two of these eggs for Christmas which I anxiously tried and was not at all disappointed.  It's an elastomer sleeve that fits over the head of your penis but when stroked, it stretches all the way down to the base providing great sensations on your cock.  The eggs are textured inside with different textures to choose from and cum with a small packet of lube.  They are sold as one time use items but with proper care and cleaning they can be used multiple times.  After three times with the same egg, mine still looks brand new!  One of my favorite features of this toy is that as you stretch the egg down your shaft, the top of the egg becomes transparent revealing your knob allowing you to see yourself cum inside of the egg.  I have tried many sex toys and next to the Fleshlight this is for sure the second best feeling male sex toy that I have tried so far.  Even though the Fleshlight has a slight advantage in the sensation department, the Tenga egg has a slight advantage in the ease of preparation and cleanup isle but a huge advantage in the cost factor.  Retailing for about 8.50$, it is definitely, definitely worth trying! Until February 15th 2013 get 20% off at   To get your Tenga eggs dirt cheep just click on the GV link and use this coupon code: GV204U   

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