Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tasting Her Own Cum

I get so turned on when I see girls taste their own cum in porn.  I have always fantasized of having my wife taste her own cum in front of me.  Having her taste her own pussy just sounds so erotic!  There's just something about it that makes me so hard.  She has always refused to suck my cock after it's been in her cunt or lick my fingers after I fingered her.  Kissing after going down on her has always been out of the question, however, lately I finally broke through the almost impossible barrier.  I not only got her to French kiss me, as we snowballed my cum back and forth after cumming on her pussy and then me licking it all up but she has also sucked her pussy juice off of my fingers.  I even managed to convince her to suck on my cock after it had been in her soaking wet pussy.  All that progress in the space of just one week.  She told me to let her slowly get used to doing it and not push her too much for now.  I can't wait to see what the future brings once she really gets used to her own taste!

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