Tuesday, 16 April 2013

B Naughty Unleashed Premium Wireless Remote Massaging Bullet

This post was actually written by my wife!

After receiving this wireless toy, I actually had to wait 3 weeks in order for my husband to come back home from a business trip.  I didn't see the fun or thrill of trying this one alone on myself.  The point of this toy is to have the element of surprise when the different vibration settings change as someone else controls it.  Therefore, my husband had to be the one with the remote and myself with the vibrator inserted and ready to be turned on.

We really liked the look of this device.  All black, nice and sexy looking!  Even the box is pretty cool.  It's a nice size and stealthily quiet.  I don't know if I'll be game enough to secretly play with this one out in public while we're out on a date.  I'm sure my husband would be really turned on if we were to try it at lets just say a fancy restaurant or at the movies!

It felt good when my hubby inserted it in my pussy.  Having him change the settings without telling me was pretty neat and exciting.  We will surely use this vibrating bullet often, I'm sure!

I already have a few ideas for future adventures with this sex toy.  I told my husband that when he works on night shifts, I could leave the remote where he would find it and I could then go to sleep with the bullet inserted, just waiting to be woken up.  What a nice surprise it would be to wake up to a nice vibrating sensation deep inside of me!

It features a 7 functions waterproof bullet and a wireless LED screen remote. The range was surprisingly good!  I was upstairs in the house and I could feel him changing the settings from a different level.

Good solid construction, easy to clean and extremely fun to play with!  I enjoyed the vibrations coming on by surprise as my husband enjoyed secretly turning them on and changing the modes while observing my reactions.  The only bummer is that the batteries aren't standard.  I will have to get some ahead of time before they die during an important mission!  We both really recommend this toy; it's a great foreplay device that involves both partners in the fun, leading to an evening of hot passionate sex.  

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